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幫忙翻譯英文 文章 Tomorrow’s World 急~~

Tomorrow’s World

Teenage boys raised on a steady diet of first-person

shooters can orchestrate wonders with the two joysticks

and the dozen or so buttons of a typical controller, but the

uninitiated take one look at the contraption and give up.

No wonder some of the industry's biggest recent success

stories, including Nintendo's Wii, have emphasized

playability over mind-blowing graphics. With their simple,

intuitive controls, they've been hits with non-traditional

gamers, from teenage girls to grandparents. As game

makers try to further broaden their appeal, expect

controllers and interfaces to become increasingly user

friendly—and games to put fun before complexity.

Many of today's video games look and sound like

high-quality action movies, replete with elaborate

animation, sound effects and dialogue voiced by

professional actors. Yet the fundamental difference

between the two forms has always been that movies are

passive entertainment while games are interactive. But

that boundary has begun to fall. Recently released Metal

Gear Solid 4, lauded as the first “killer app” for Sony's

PlayStation 3, features great lengths of action-packed

narrative that the player simply sits back and watches. As

game designers continue to challenge filmmakers for

action-entertainment supremacy, we are likely to see more

of these game-movie hybrids.

Imagine a video game that comes with all the

emotional and psychological richness of the best films. It

may sound unattainable, but ambitious designers are trying

to realize it. While the interface still looks like it needs

more development, they believe that within decades,

games will be able to generate dialogue and dramatic

situations—in effect writing scripts for movies starring the


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    明日世界十幾歲的男孩提出的第一個人的食譜射擊運動員可以組建兩個操縱杆的奇跡和十幾按鈕的一個典型的控制器,但新手來說一看難以置信,放棄。難怪一些業內最大最近成功包括任天堂的 Wii 的故事,都強調極速圖形上的可玩性。與他們簡單的直觀的控制項,他們已經與非傳統的點擊數遊戲玩家,從十幾歲的少女,祖父母。作為遊戲製造商嘗試進一步擴闊他們的呼籲,期望控制器和介面會變得越來越多的使用者友好 — — 和遊戲可以把之前的複雜性的樂趣。今天的視頻遊戲的外觀和聲音的很多人喜歡高品質動作電影,充斥著精心設計動畫、 聲音效果和所表達的對話專業演員。然而,根本的區別在兩個表單之間一直是電影是被動娛樂而遊戲的互動。但此邊界已開始下降。最近公佈的金屬索尼的齒輪固體 4,譽為第一"殺手"PlayStation 3,特點是充滿動感的大長度敘述,玩家只需坐視和手錶。作為遊戲設計師繼續挑戰電影工作者行動娛樂至上,我們很可能會看到更多這些遊戲影片混合動力車。想像一個帶有所有的視頻遊戲最佳影片的情緒和心理的豐富。它可能聲音遙不可及,但雄心勃勃的設計師正在嘗試實現它。雖然介面仍然看起來像它需要更多的發展,他們認為,在幾十年內,奧運會將能夠產生對話和戲劇性情況下 — — 實際上編寫腳本的主演的影片球員的問題。

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