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請問小數點 US$ 0.0001 英文寫法

請問小數點 US$ 0.0001 英文寫法?

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    0.0001 = one hundredth of one cent

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    NO, it is not a proper way to say, because you need to use the unit that is closest.

    US dollars denominator: cent (penny), nickel, dime, quarter, half-dollar, dollar coin, dollar bill, 2-dollar bill, 5-dollar bill, 10-dollar bill, 20-dollar bill, 50-dollar bill, one-hundredy dollar bill.

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    The above US dollar denominators are the most common. However, 2-dollar bill and half-dollar coin are not in circulation a lot.

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    one-hundredy dollar bill ==> one-hundred dollar bill

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    United States Dollar One Ten-Thousandth - is this ok?

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    = US$ 0.01 cent

    = US$one one-hundredth of a cent--------------

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