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請問issue rules with disapproval

請問 issue rules with disapproval 是什麼意思?



I think the environmental movement has been perceived as judgmental and angry, claiming moral high ground and issuing rules with disapproval.

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    issue rules with disapproval(爭議的)問題以不贊成裁定

    I just translate the possible meaning, because it is just a fragment of a sentence or even a paragraph, so it is not easy to pin point the exact meaning.

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    the meaning is total different from my original translation, because in the sentence, "issue" is a V-ing. Hence, it shall be translated as:


    2012-06-18 13:36:38 補充:

    my original translation treated "rule" as a verb.

    2012-06-18 13:37:48 補充:

    typo! "issue" is a V-ing ==> "issuing" is a V-ing

    2012-06-18 13:47:20 補充:

    This question gives you a good experience. NEVER ask a question by cutting out only a section of the sentence. You shall always include the entire sentence, so people can have a better grasp of its exact meaning

    2012-06-18 13:48:52 補充:

    typo! total different ... ==> totally different ...

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