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HELP: Playstation 3 VS Xbox 360!?

Xbox 360 VS Playstation 3. [ 2012 Consoles ]


Playstation 3:

Free, but laggy at times even with a good connection, and

also has major shutdowns due from hackers (Look it up on

google) you can't go into any kind of chat without being

in a game or using PS MOVE. You can get APPS like

(Netflix, and other cool stuff from PSN Store) You can

choose a huge selection of gamer pictures on here, such as


Xbox 360:

Cost 49.99 for a year, but has great internet service as

in, no hackers since 4 years ago, smooth multiplayer,

party chat, private chat, many apps you can get ( Here is

some examples : Netflix, HULU Plus, Flixter, Zune,

Crackle, and next month they release Internet Explorer)

Also you can get player made games from the indie games

section, same as you can do from PSN. You can also choose

your gamer picture, and you can create your own cool

looking avatar.


Playstation 3:

Honestly, Playstation 3 has had some major problems around

2007 - 2008 such as the "Green screen problem" that occurs

randomly when you're playing a game, aslo the problem when

your PS3 stops reading the CD. (Due to the open slit on

the console dust could get inside) The 2012 model has no

problems but they've really made the new model pretty

cheap. You have to use physical buttons instead of the

touch buttons. Also the plastic is cheap and feels like

you can break it pretty easy, and the skin on the PS3 is

plain instead of metallic. PS3's Hardware is built to last

longer for the upcoming games through the years.

Xbox 360:

The Xbox 360 has had some horrible problems during 2006 -

2010 such as the "Red ring of death" that happened

constantly, i had to return my xbox 360. But i have to

admit they where really sorry about the problem i had and

they fixed it for free, and gave me a free 1 month gold

membership. The 2012 Xbox model has no hardware problems

at all it's very quiet and it has touch buttons, and a

very nice look to the console (Like the mettalic look to

it, and the slimness of the console) Xbox 360 has a video

card only meant to last 10 years in the future for the

upcoming games.

3. [GAMES]

Most games usually release on both consoles, but i'm going

to talk about the seperate games for the consoles.

Playstation 3:

PS3 has not really been known for it's games but there has

been some pretty good games (Such as Little Big Planet,

Infamous, Gran Turismo, and Metal Gear Solid) not exacly

great games. But if you're a cheapo like me it might be a

good idea to buy a PS3 (If you're not a huge gamer of


Xbox 360:

Now for some great xbox games. Gears Of War, Left 4 dead

PGR, Kameo, and the best game i came across is Halo. I'm

not exacly a fan of the xbox but i have to admit, Halo CE,

Halo 2, and Halo 3 have the best story to a game i have

EVER played. I thought the Metal Gear Solid story was

fatastic, but honestly it does not compete against Halo's

story. ( All of you judging the story are a little bit off

the road, why not go play 1, 2, and 3 in a row and tell me

what game has a better story )

4.[MOVE VS KINECT] - I'm sorry but i really thought this

would be a good topic to talk about.

Playstation 3:

Playstation move has a built in cam and it has a built in

mic. You have to use a controller for PS MOVE just like

you have to use a controller for the Wii, and i think this

is very stupid for Sony to basicly copy the Wii.

Xbox 360:

Xbox 360 Kinect has a cam, a mic, and a censor that scans

your face to automaticly logs you in to your Xbox profile.

On Kinect you do not need to hold any controller, but

you're available to use props for certain games if you

want to physicly grip something.


Playstation 3:

PS3's Controller feels very small in adult hands, and the

plastic on it feels like it could break just by gripping

it too had.

Xbox 360: Big enough to fit in adult hands, has a nice

rubber grip on the side, and feels really durable.


Personally, i've had my PS3 since 2007. But since most of

my friends currently own a Xbox 360 i'm most likely going

to switch.


So here is my QUESTION :If you had neither, what would you


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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    I own an Xbox and a PS3, the Xbox is WAY better. My PS3 is just collecting dust at the moment. There will be PS3 vs Xbox fights here but in all seriousness the Xbox is the way to go. I've also noticed that I just meet cooler people on Xbox too.

    Source(s): Own both for more than a couple years.
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  • 8 years ago

    I would choose Xbox360, it has better online gaming (if your that kind of gamer). Much more stylish if you buy the newer Xbox360 (it's black), it has a heat touch sensing power button,much easier to operate. More people are online on Xbox Live than PSN. If you hear that PS3 had better graphics than Xbox360, its not true because the new Xbox360 has a Blue Ray DVD player just like the PS3. The new Xbox360 was created in 2011, the PS3 was invented in 2007. The Xbox360 is less laggy, it is awesome with first person shooters like: Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty games, is also awesome with RPG games (Role, Playing, Games) like Grand theft Auto, Elder scrolls v: Skyrim, Red Dead Redemption. Pluse the KInect is better than the Wii and PS4: Move because your body is the controller! So over all the Xbox 360. Hope this was useful advice!

    Source(s): I use my Xbox a lot and my brother is manager at a Game Stop store, and tells me everything he knows about video games and systems.
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  • Mike
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    8 years ago

    Everything you're saying is about 99.7% correct. Honestly Xbox 360 would last a good 1-3 years till certain problems on the other hands PS3 can last longer. I have both but honestly recommend PS# over Xbox 360 since the wide variety of games it offers to the game than that of an Xbox which doesn't have a wide variety of games to the gamer.

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  • 8 years ago

    I've owned a PS3 for a great amount of time and it has always been reliable no matter what. The PS3 has free internet and online gaming, the X-box 360 has online and you have to pay for it, and I have also heard it can have the red ring of death for playing too long, the PS3 doesn't have that problem so far that I am aware about, so I would highly recommend the PS3.

    Source(s): Myself
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  • 8 years ago

    If you don't have online, get a ps3, if you do have online get a 360. I chose a 360 cause was most appealing. I have the slim version, and I haven't had any problems. Of course it freezes sometimes, but thats with all game systems. Here's the breakdown, 360=hardcore gamers, ps3=Sony Fanboys. That was meant as an insult to all you Sony fanboys out there. Lol

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  • 8 years ago

    Xbox 360!!! It has an awesome controller, good games, some hackers not a lot. PS3 does have good games too, the controller is small and no party chat. Pick the Xbox if you don't watch a lot of movies and play a lot of shooting games.

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  • I've had my PS3 since last year, Jan and I love it. Free online, awesome graphics. But yeah if I didn't have either, I'd choose PS3. But then I've never had an Xbox 360 so I don't really know how good they are and stuff.

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  • 8 years ago

    honestly i have both i love both but honestly my ps3 gets more action. It just has a better feel about it than my xbox has. I also enjoy the exclusives better on ps3. By the way xbox is hacked more than ps3 we got hacked once it most likely will never occur again. Anyways ps3 for the win

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  • Tymme
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    I'd get a PS3 first for blu-ray capability and no cost for online play (which I rarely do), but that's just me.

    If your friends are on the 360, then buy a 360 if you want to play the same games. 90% of content is cross-platform, so it's really down to individual choice on which to go with.

    Source(s): Own both systems for several years
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  • 8 years ago

    Xbox 360. They fixed the red ring of death, good controller, better games by far, and xbox live is ****** amazing

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