Confused about a girl I like, she likes me?

Hello everyone,

I've got a little problem. Few days ago I met a really beautiful girl at work. Everyone's admiring her and some other guys are trying to make a move. I didn't have a chance to talk to her properly yet, but I can't keep my eyes off her. Whenever I looked at her, she looked back and sometimes she was looking at my direction and I caught that moment quite well. I was literally STARING at her for hours non stop and yet she didn't mind. Is that normal? Girls don't mind when people STARE at them without a break? yeah, I know they love attention, but at such a degree?

After she finished work, I managed to get outside before her for a quick 5min break. Then she came outside too and looked at me while smiling and said ''See you later''. Did she just try to be friendly? Or did that ''mean'' something ? I mean, I didn't even chat to her before or anything, just exchange eye contact for couple of hours and in the end she's the one saying that.

I feel like a 15 year old boy who's in love again (been there once)... The funniest thing about all this is that after that day, my mind was telling me ''She's going to be with me soon'' over and over again... I've never had so much confidence in anything like that...

I'm not the best looking guy out there (definitely not in her league), and my experience in women is not that great...

Also a funny thing is, that I came up with a lot of questions to ask her, but whenever I had a chance to start asking those questions, I just couldn't ask them... hands started to shiver and heart started to beat faster.. on top of that, I have a girlfriend (9 months relationship) and I've chatted with plenty of other girls and I've never had that feeling...

If this wall of text makes no sense, please forgive me.. my head is in a big mess at the moment, so I'll make no sense from time to time.

Any personal opinions or advises is what I'd like to hear here, and I would appreciate it by a LOT.

So I thank you beforehand,

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  • Gabi
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    8 years ago
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    She might of Bren too nice to say "stop starring at me" or she thinks you're cute too so she doesn't care. I think the "see you later" was being nice especially if she's new. I would definitely find sone time and courage to ask those questions. You only need 20 secondsof courage

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  • 4 years ago

    Take it from a lady, this girl is enjoying games certainly about it. One minute, she's acting like she's rather now not that into you. You try to name her, she says her telephones "dead, however when you provide her the same treatment that she gives you, ignoring her and no longer responding again, and when you flirt with different ladies, she gets upset. At this factor it feels like she is on the factor in which you do not want to be with someone, but yet you do not want that character to be with any individual else. More as a rule than now not, which means deep down you relatively like that character, but you haven't yet admitted it to your self. I consider you should sit down her down and be actual. Tell her that you're finished with all of this sport enjoying. If she tries to play dumb and act like she does not comprehend what you're talking about, which she commonly will, simply tell her the way you real think. Tell her that you've feelings for her, and ask her what she thinks about that. This fashion you're going to have your reply and all the confusion can be resolved. Really what do you have to lose...A relationship that runs in a continuous circle of questioning?

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