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Why do Armenians seek recognition of the Armenian genocide but ignore their massacres against Azeris?

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    Where to start answering this question which is based on flawed reasoning, revisionist history?

    ALL races/ethic groups that were subjected to Genocides/massacres/atrocities seek justice for the victims and their descendents, why are the Armenians denied of that right?

    Let's assume for a second that you were right, and Armenians did commit massacres against the Azeris, does that invalidate the fact that there was an Armenian Genocide and it is not recognized till today?Under what law/rule is this?

    So you admit that the Armenian Genocide is a fact, and is unrecognized, but you put that aside and want the Armenians to recognize "their massacres against Azeris" first. Basically you want to deprive certain people of their rights but want to exorcize that right yourself, based on your prejudice.

    Here is how the International laws against massacres, atrocities and Genocides work. One sided stories are not enough to convict of a crime on that scale (or any crime), as this is not Turkey, or Azerbaijan's idea of justice, still stuck in the 7th century.

    It's called credibility of the accuser, evidence, verified documentation, eyewitness accounts, and unbiased, unaffiliated third party corroboration of the accounts. Armenians have all that, and Turks and Azerbaijanis have none of that, that is the difference.

    What Azerbaijanis are accusing the Armenians today of alleged atrocities during the war is nothing but weak propaganda and smear campaign that serves many interests of both Azerbaijan and its creepy alliance with Turkey. It is another attempt for distraction away from the Armenian Genocide, it gives Azerbaijani ultra nationalist radicals some excuses for suffering that historically embarrassing defeat in a war they started against the outnumbered and outgunned Armenia, and it was the corner stone of the campaign to oust the ex-president of Azerbaijan, Ayaz Mutalibov.

    As for who massacred who, here is a summary:

    Armenian–Tatar massacres 1905-1907 10,000 to 30,000 Armenians killed, hundreds of thousands displaced.

    September Days September 1918 around 30,000 Armenians killed, tens of thousands displaced.

    Shusha pogrom March 1920 around 30,000 Armenians killed, thousands forced to leave their lands.

    Sumgait pogrom February 1988 26 killed, hundreds forced to leave.

    Kirovabad pogrom 130 killed, hundreds injured, thousands displaced.

    Baku pogrom 90 killed, hundreds raped, injured, around 500,000 Armenians forced to leave and displaced.

    Maraga Massacre April 1992 40 killed, dozens still missing, hundreds injured, hundreds displaced.

    Operation Ring, April 30, 1991 – May 15, 1991. Shahumyan Voskepar, Armenia. Estimated 30–50 dead, thousands deported.

    Now who is the one who committed massacres and pogroms?

    As for Kohjali, did you do some research about it?Or just repeating what you heard and saw in your state media that carefully censors and filters facts that do not agree with their propaganda?

    Azerbaijan was given over 30 days to evacuate civilians through a safe corridor, since the area was used to bomb Armenian civilian targets, and it had to be secured.

    Azerbaijanis not only refused to do so, they also forced people to stay.

    If Armenians were going to massacre everyone in Khojaly then why they even bothered to warn civilians to leave over 30 days ahead and then more than one week through loud speakers?

    Why only Azerbaijanis were evacuated, but Meskhetians were forced to stay and then found dead?

    Why the exit corridor was used only at night?

    Why the massacred were found in areas controlled by Azerbaijani nationalists and militia, and where Armenians NEVER entered?

    If the intent was massacring, how do you explain the number of people who were fed, given shelter, and then safely handed over to the Azerbaijani side?

    How would you explain the fact that witnesses and people who spoke and told what they saw disappeared, died, or were deported outside Azerbaijan?

    Why photos and video footage of victims of the Kosovo, earthquakes, refugees from other regions and events are used?Why the forgeries?

    How would you explain the fact that corpses of the dead were moved and mutilated as noticed in 2 videos that were broadcasted by Azerbaijan's state TV? Who is benefiting from such action?

    Also, examination of the bodies of the people that were shot showed that they were shot in the face while witnesses testified that these same victims were fleeing towards Azerbaijani militia.

    Finally, read the statements of Azerbaijan's own government officials at that time, including Mutalibov. The truth is out there.

    Hate and racism never worked, they also impair your judgement and prevent you from researching such issues and finding the truth rather than just believing what was said and what you were told by others.

    In fact the racist anti-Armenian slogans and shouts in the Taksim square funded by Azerbaijani government should tell you all you want to know.

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    The reason why Armenians or the Armenian government doesn't recognise the Khojaly Massacre is because they feel that what the Armenians have been through is much more worse than what the Azeris went through. Armenians lost land, history, cultural buildings, and people. Yet Turkey denies it. How sad. I don't blame the Turks for denying the genocide, they have been lied to by the stupid Turkish government that's not even a democracy. Journalists have been arrested. Hrant Dink was murdered because he spoke the truth. The truth can be dangerous and hurtful. If it were TRULY a democracy, then people would be able to say their opinions about the genocide. They would be able to say yes there was a genocide or no there wasn't a genocide but you'll be insulting "Turkishness" or Article 301 hahaha. Not all Turkish people are bad. The music, food, and culture is awesome. I plan to visit someday, but I'll hold my opinions to myself when I go out of respect :)

    Turkey and Azerbaijan claim it a genocide. WHAT?! They are stupid. Yes there were killings but compared to 613 dead Azeris to 1.5 million dead Armenians?! They are stupid. Yes, unfortunately hundreds of thousands of Azeris were displaced. Notice the word DISPLACED, not MURDERED. DISPLACED. The Armenians were MURDERED by the Ottomans, not just DISPLACED. I think Armenian, Azerbaijan, and Turkey should come into an agreement of some sorts. The government is stupid that has brainwashed people into believing lies. I wouldn't agree in giving all the lands back of Armenia but maybe Turkey should give access to Eastern Turkey to the Armenians. It would be fair.

    It's all the world governments actually. They lie to people to keep control of the people and keep their power. We live in a sad word!!

    @JJ Oh please. That's a load of crock. I'm not going to copy and paste information from wikipedia because that would be a waste of time. Yes, the Ottomans WERE tolerant about people's different religions BUT they taxed them, didn't allow them to have bigger houses than Muslims, couldn't carry weapons, or ride a horse. The Ottomans killed the Armenians because they feared them. They thought they were going to side with the Russians because the Greeks, Arabs, and people from the Balkans betrayed the Ottomans so they thought the Armenians were next. Yes the Russians did aid Armenians but the Armenians didn't revolt during the Hamidian massacres or pre-1915. I know what the Armenians do the Azeris wasn't just but compare that massacre to the Armenian Genocide? Armenia will continue to ignore the massacres until they receive an apology. By the way, an entire Armenian population cannot disappear out of the blue in Southeastern Turkey. Many ancient Armenian remains have not been taken care of. The government is just letting disappear so there won't be any evidence that Armenians lived there. So basically they want to wipe out Armenian existence and history. The same treatment that the Turks are giving to the Kurds was the same treatment that the Armenians suffered before.

    Source(s): I choose not to remain ignorant. I have read books, articles, and watch the news from around the world. I know what's happening the world and it's sad :(
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    Political move, this will upset Turkey which is at this time one of our friends in the war on terror. If this passes then it is in a way insulting the Turks, if not then you insult the Armenians. Either way America looks like the bad guy. Notice how it was worded, "genocide". They could have used other terms that meant about the same thing but this way it makes the current administration look bad, no matter what happens. So now either way it goes America and the Bush administration looks like they either don't care about what happened to the Armenians, or claims Turkey allowed and participated in the genocide of a group. That's how politics works or at lest in today's America, that's why we need to vote the whole lot out of office and vote in regular people who care about this nation and not big business or the labor unions. It's a shame we have reached this point.

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    There was no massacre again Azeris? If u mean the Nogorno-Karabakh war, they it was a war and it is not Armenians fault that Azeris can't fight and lost 10 times more people. azeris had the war coming, I mean taking all Armenian lands and yet still, as of today they still claim some stuff that belongs to them when it actually belongs to Armenians.

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    Ahem... Wrong question. Why do Azeris seek recognition of the Azeri genocide but ignore their massacres against Armenians.

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    Because people tend to concentrate on injustices committed against them, but not the ones that their leaders may have committed against others.

    How about we take the Turks who deny the genocide and attack those who talk about it, and the Armenian nationalists who try to justify -their- attacks, and put them in jail cells in the Hague, and let Armenian, Turkish, Kurdish, and Azeri people live in peace and have a future?

    By the way? The Azeris are making a BIG mistake signing up for the U.S. "war on terror."

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    are you talking about Khojaly Massacre?

    1. there were murdered 613 civilians, it's not even safe to call this event as "massacre"

    2. are you being serious? you comparing Armenian Genocide which had 1.5 MILLION deaths to some Khojaly Massacre with 613 deaths?

    3. Khojaly Massacre happened AFTER Armenian Genocide, so it's called "Answers to Genocide"

    4. what did you expect? Armenians didn't have to do anything about it? they had to be like ok fine happened and pass over it? it's called PRIDE and SELF-ESTEEM that people feel towards their ancestors that have been murdered for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but for a religion... 1.5 million innocent deaths? and you comparing it to some 613 people that being murdered in 1 day around the world? especially in the case that they have been murdered for a REASON, I mean as an answer to Armenian Genocide not for nothing like Armenians have been murdered.

    5. take a look at Iran, Iraq... 613 people? they lose 613 people in couple days oh what a Massacre...

    if you didn't sleep at history class you would have known what you trying to talk about.

    Source(s): I'm Armenian.
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    Why does Azerbaijan not recognise the first genocide of the 20th century- The Armenian genocide

  • 9 years ago

    Because they Armeniopaths!!!!!!

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