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Why do "exatheists" like Kirk Cameron, Lee Strobel, etc... claim to be one of the atheist "fundimentalist"?

I mean, first there is no such thing. But in my opinion, people who should be allowed to take such an honored title as atheist, must be skeptics as well. Otherwise you are just a lazy idiot waiting to be a posterboy for christianity.

No skeptics have been converted ever in the time i have been paying attention. Just people willing to take personal testimoney from a friend as absolute undeniable fact.

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    The most notable atheists who have converted to Christianity (only about half the list, list too long for Y!A)

    Steve Beren - former member of the Socialist Workers Party (United States) became a Christian conservative politician.

    Anders Borg - Sweden's Minister for Finance.

    Julie Burchill – British journalist and feminist.

    Kirk Cameron - Actor, star of Growing Pains

    Whittaker Chambers – Former Communist turned conservative writer.

    Francis Collins - physician-geneticist, noted for his landmark discoveries of disease genes, and the director of the National Human Genome Research Institute

    Larry Darby – Former Holocaust denier and former member of the American Atheists.

    Joy Davidman – Poet and wife of C. S. Lewis.

    André Frossard - French journalist and essayist.

    Maggie Gallagher – Conservative activist and founder of the National Organization for Marriage.

    Bo Giertz - Swedish Confessional Lutheran Bishop, theologian, and writer.

    Patrick Greene, former atheist activist.

    Keir Hardie – Raised atheist and became a Christian Socialist.

    Anna Haycraft - Raised in Auguste Comte's atheistic "church of humanity", but became a conservative Catholic in adulthood.

    Peter Hitchens – Journalist who went from Trotskyism to Traditionalist conservatism, and estranged brother of outspoken anti-theist and Vanity Fair writer Christopher Hitchens.

    Paul Jones – Musician, of Manfred Mann. Previously atheist and in 1967 he argued with Cliff Richard about religion on a TV show.

    Ignace Lepp - French psychiatrist whose parents were freethinkers and who joined the Communist party at age fifteen. He broke with the party in 1937 and eventually became a Catholic priest.

    Khang Khek Leu (also known as Comrade Duch) - Cambodian director of Phnom Penh's infamous Tuol Sleng detention center

    C. S. Lewis - Oxford professor and writer; well known for The Chronicles of Narnia series, and for his apologetic Mere Christianity.

    Shelley Lubben - former pornographic actress, current author and Executive Director of the Pink Cross Foundation, anti-pornography activist.

    Norma McCorvey - "Jane Roe" in Roe v. Wade

    Claude McKay – Bisexual Jamaican poet who went from Communist-leaning atheist to an active Catholic Christian after a stroke.

    Alister McGrath - Biochemist and Christian theologian. Founder of 'Scientific theology' and critic of Richard Dawkins in his book Dawkins' God: Genes, Memes, and the Meaning of Life

    Czesław Miłosz - Nobel prize winning poet

    Nina Karin Monsen - a Norwegian moral philosopher and author who grew up in a humanist family, but later convert to Christianity through philosophic thinking.

    Crissy Moran - former pornographic actress and current anti-pornography activist.

    Lacey Mosley - Vocalist and lyricist for Alternative metal band Flyleaf.

    William J. Murray - author and son of atheist activist Madalyn Murray O'Hair

    Bernard Nathanson Medical doctor who was a founding member of NARAL, later becoming a Pro-Life proponent.

    Marvin Olasky - former Marxist turned Christian conservative, he edits the Christian World magazine.

    Giovanni Papini – He went from pragmatic atheism to Catholicism

    Rosalind Picard – Director of the Affective computing Research Group at the MIT Media Lab. She was raised atheist, but converted to Christianity in her teens.

    Enoch Powell – Conservative Party (UK) member who converted to Anglicanism.

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    "honored title as atheist"

    You high? The title is just as valueless as any other.

    As for Cameron and Strobel, I have no problem with people claiming a conversion from atheism. They can never justify it anyway. People have all different kinds of reasons for being an atheist, some because they see no reason to believe and some because they haven't really considered it. If Cameron and Strobel were atheists it would have been the latter type.

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    Kirk Cameron didn't end up a born once more christian to regain a celeb reputation.He has all methods been a christian.He left the so referred to as Hollywood scene in view that he didn't just like the life.He felt he could do more excellent by professing his religion and looking to lead men and women to Christ.He felt that used to be his calling.

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    None of those people seem to have any first-hand experience with atheism. All they do is spout the usual religious stereotypes. I'm absolutely convinced that none of them were ever atheists but made the claim in order to enhance their standing in evangelical circles. Evangelicals love converts. Strobel - sounds like he stopped going to church for a while but never stopped believing. Cameron - sounds like he experimented with the Hollywood lifestyle for a while but never stopped believing. I think the same could be said for all who make that claim. None of them seem to have any idea what atheism actually is.

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    They where probably born in atheistic families but got in with the wrong crowd at an early age.

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    Because they are semi-pro brain washers.

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    People like that "say" a lot of stuff. Most of it is crap.

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    Because they are assholes. Duh.

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