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When have "promised" spending cuts ever actually happened?

Immediate spending almost ALWAYS happens... future "promised" spending cuts never happen.

Is there a case you know of where promised cuts in spending have actually taken place?

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    Spending cuts are a joke. IF there is a cut in the budget it is a decrease in the amount of the budget increases. In other words if they spent 1 billion last year and the planed on increasing that by 25%, their "spending cut" would be a 20% increase over last year. They are still spending the original 1 billion plus even more.

    CA does this all the time and included an estimate of the tax revenues to get their "balanced budget" so they get paid. It's all phony and includes the tax increases they will push in November that voters won't approve. These are the tax increases that are allegedly for the schools but they will actually fund pension and never get to the kids.

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    Romney made spending cuts happen when he was governor of Massachusetts.

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    Cameron is that you trying to wind us up?

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    I can't find any! You're right! We need honest politicians!

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