what are the criteria for a building to be...?

... classified as a residential house in England?

I mean, does the building have to be of a minimum size?

Is there a minimum amount of rooms that are required? If so, what rooms must be present, or can everything be contained within one room?

I understand there must be water connected, but does this have to be connected to an outside water company, or can it be provided by the householders themselves by alternative methods (eg, from a river/rainfall) and does this supply of water have to be piped into the property or can it be carried in with a bucket?

Hot water: can this be made using a fire or solar heating? I really don't want to be connected to mains electricity due to unpredictable power cuts and because by connecting to mains electric for things like heating water, I am in effect saying it is ok for these companies to destroy our environment with nuclear power stations and such... which I am not ok with that...

A kitchen normally needs water and a method of cooking: is there anything else that is critical to the classification of a kitchen? And what sort of cooking device is needed? A conventional oven is not compatible with the method of building I am looking at producing, so do I need an oven, or just a hob? Will a solar oven suffice and is this cooking apparatus judged as being suitable depending on what sort of food it can cook (ie pizza, chicken, pies)?

Does the house have to have electricity? If so, can this be provided without using extortionate external electricity suppliers by the residents producing it themselves? If it is legal to produce it 100% themselves (which I know is possible to achieve, is there a minimum amount of kWh that is needed to comply to regualtions? I also want to avoid mains electric connection and usage due to the increased fire risks associated with connection, and by not being mains connected, there can be no electric shocks to anyone.

Toilet and waste water: I understand the must be internal, which is dumb, as I like going outside to the loo at night, but I will handle this issue and that of waste water separately.

I am trying to narrow down the exact necessities for a house, as I am researching then building a house for as cheap as possible as a way to increase social cohesion and learning within my community.

thank you for your thoughts and help in this matter :)

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thanks Nero...

I do not want to borrow money from the banks. You might be interested to know that Tridos does give loans and mortgages on low impact buildings that are different from conventional builds.

I am aware of many of the low impact places in Wales ~ I have helped build some of those places over the past 15 years.

I do wonder why you think living in a low impact way is hard... I have lived low impact for over 20 years, and I only need to work 2 days a week compared to the normal, easy way of living person who must work 5 days plus. This is because by providing for yourself reduces the amount of money needed to pay bills. But besides from the bills, it is a fact that low impact livers are happier people due to them actually achieving things for themselves instead of having someone else do things for them...

If this is hard, give me more of it...

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    If you wanted to borrow money to build the property from the banks then you would have no chance as u would need a Kitchen & Bathroom connected to outside services.

    There are " Eco" camps in wales that might be an easier option.

    To be honest though sounds to me ur trying to make life difficult for yourself, no water electric ect

    But are travelling community live like it ( Gypsies ) But have a reputation for being smelly, anyway, have a good life

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