I need help figuring out this guy?

I have boy problems. I've liked this guy foreverrrr. We've been talking on the phone every night since like the end of April. He always comes over & cuts my grass & we hang out sometimes. He's practically my best friend.

 Well, we kissed a few days ago when he came over to hang out. It was perfect. Since then we've been otp for like 3 hours every night talking about us. He told me that he likes me & I'm cool & that he cares about me, but he doesn't want to be in a relationship because he has too much drama in his life already, but he wants to continue talking otp every night & texting all day. I said okay to him, but what does that really mean? I thought that if a girl & a guy both like each other & kiss & hold hands & hug & talk otp & they act like they're dating, then they should date! Right?! 

What should I do? How can I tell him to give me a chance because I'm not gonna put anymore drama in his life? I'm so confused. /; help me please with my boy problems.

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    9 years ago
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    Just tell the guy that you're not gonna cause drama, that you're gonna be an understanding girlfriend, and that you just want him to be honest with you so everything can go right. Tell him you really like him and have feelings for him, and that you don't think either of you should waste time based on fear. Helping him go through watever he's going through might definitely change his mind.

    Good luck!

  • 9 years ago

    Why he thinks that a gf will create dramas in his life ending into tragedy!!

    I would only say that the relationship you guys are sharing ( kisses, late night talks, hugs) should get it's proper name n IT'S IDENTITY else if you'll go on like this, then you're doing wrong to yourself n to your future.

    Ask him to get in a relationship with you n make him believe that you'll be with him to make him happy, to make his life beautiful n to support him in all his problems. Try to convince him with the above sentence n c how he reacts.

    Even after giving so much of assurance, security n promises, he's not changing his mind so you better leave him n get over. He's not worth you then.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Just talk to him about it. Tell him you will help him through the drama in his life and you won't wait forever.

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    9 years ago

    Ask him genuily that whethr he love u. Snd would he like to marry u. Then act accordingly. Happy love

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    stick with what u got whats the diferance y do u have to say ur dating just be with him and just do the same

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