where do you start your career as an accountant?

as an accounting student, where can i find a part time job in my field (because i have already taken all Microsoft office software, accpac and quickbooks courses), i don't really care about pay just want get some experience, or do i have to wait till i graduate

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    Please do not wait until you graduate secure a internship, part time employement etc

    Decide which accounting field best suits your interests. The major fields are public, government, and management accounting and internal auditing. Realize that within each field there are numerous subfields.

    Work at part-time jobs or internships in accounting firms during your college years, especially during the summer, when you can gain full-time experience in the field. Many firms that hire entry-level accountants after graduation from college require this work.

    Previous experience in accounting or auditing can help an applicant get a job. Many colleges offer students an opportunity to gain experience through summer or part-time internship programs conducted by public accounting or business firms. In addition, practical knowledge of computers and their applications in accounting and internal auditing is a great asset for job seekers in the accounting field.

    Look on USAJOBS.govt and search for intern positions


    Obtaining a co-op is another way to gain experience while still an accounting student. A co-op allows you to work full-time in your major field for a semester at a time. If you choose to co-op, you will usually end up extending your program by a year or two (a four-year program becomes five), but you will end up graduating college with valuable work experience under your belt. Your school holds the responsibility for setting up a co-op. If you are interested in a co-op experience, enroll in a school that offers this type of program.

    Part-time Employment

    A part-time job is an excellent way to get experience in accounting while you are still in school. While most big companies will want you to have a degree, working for a small, independent company or NON for Profit is a good way to gain valuable experience and earn some extra cash. Visit your school’s career services office for assistance finding a part-time job. Most schools keep a list of part-time jobs for students. They might also have some openings working for the school on campus

    Discuss your interest with your accounting professors because they may have an acquaintance who is looking for an intern. Take the search online, looking for accounting internships on career Web sites that cater to interns.

    Most of the large public accounting firms offer paid internships but smaller ones may provide college credit in exchange for the work performed. Make sure you understand the compensation, duties, and hours prior to accepting the work assignment. Students who perform well in their first accounting internship are often asked to return in subsequent years. The work experience gained and connections made form the foundation of a successful career in accounting.

    Higher salaries aren't the only measures firms are using to entice employees. Deloitte & Touche LLP is taking a proactive approach to recruiting.According to Leslie Van Sant, a campus recruiter with Deloitte, the Big Four firm is contacting students as early as high school who have an interest in accounting.

    Some government units offer internship opportunities. Internships are a dynamic way for students to determine if the work would be interesting for them, for students to “get their foot in the door,” and for government agencies to examine the work of selected students. Some of these internships pay and some do not. Often students can get course credit for the internship. These agencies may offer interns full-time permanent positions once the interns complete their internships, but these permanent positions are subject to monetary constraints and job performance.

    The following is more detailed information about accounting careers with several federal agencies or departments that regularly hire accountants.


    Department of the Treasury

    Internal Revenue Service

    The General Accounting Office (GAO

    General Accounting Office http://www.gao.gov

    Treasury http://www.ustreas.gov

    Veterans Affairs http://www.va.

    Treasury http://www.ustreas.gov

    Veterans Affairs http://www.va.

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