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Can my baby get pregnant?

If I have unprotected sex while pregnant, can my baby get pregnant too? Also, is it possible to have twins this way?

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  • Pop
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    absolutely. i heard about this woman who kept having sex while all the way til the ninth month and not only did she have twins, but both babies were girls and they were pregnant too! but the one twin lost hers and she always resented the other twin although she loved her twins child like her very own. then tragicly the other twin ( the one born pregnant) died in a stroller accident and the other twin had to raise her. but the mama who gave birth to the twins got a hysterectomy and never had more children, and she didn't even really take care of her own babies (hence the stroller accident), and DHS took the surviving twin from the mama and the dead twins baby hardly even knew her grandmother, but she did keep a picture of her real mother in a locket, but the grandfather ( the man who kept having sex with the original mother until the ninth month) he took the locket away because he couldn't bear to see the picture all the time. Since the original mother had the hysterectomy she was still having sex all the time with the grandfather, and sometimes it would wake up the twin and her sister's child, because they had this old wooden bed frame that would squeak and hit the wall, and now the twin and the baby have an aversion to sex and say they will never get married or have children. I think that's really sad because having children is a beautiful thing. and sex is really fun too. but to each his own i guess.

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    Maybe, if you're a mexican. Why do you think that so many young mexican girls are giving birth? They don't have a "first period". They have a "first baby". So there ya have it... troll.

    As for the twins, for the intelligent people-- it IS possible to conceive twins (fraternal twins) during two different ovulations. Fraternal twins come from 2 eggs, which can be released a day or so apart. If you have sex around the time of each ovulation, both eggs can be fertilized. The twins can even have 2 different dads, or be two different races. However, you aren't technically "pregnant" when the second ovulation occurs, as the first zygote probably has not had time to implant yet. Usually if more than one egg is released, it's within a 24 hour window. It takes a few days for the zygote(s) to reach the uterus and implant to the uterine wall, so the first one is still floating its way through the Fallopian tube and making its way to the uterus when the second egg is released. Pretty cool stuff, huh? The human body is so neat!

  • Anna
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    8 years ago

    That is exactly how twins are made so be careful. If you do it late in your pregnancy the baby may be born pregnant. That's why you see so many pregnant babies these days.

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    8 years ago

    hahaha! and i thought i asked stupid questions. no your baby cannot get pregnant if you have unprotected sex while pregnant.

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    That is the silliest question I have EVER read.

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    only if its with a black man

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    Hell no. nothing will happen.

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