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What was the first channel ever to play music videos?

Please do NOT say MTV. I know music videos existed before that network got launched.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Thats true music videos go back as far as the 50's but there was no specific channel or show that played them like MTV. The Beatles were promoted in the early 60's by getting their videos played between or before movies in the theater. People wanted to see them because the Beatles acted out funny skits to their music.

    During the British invasion there were all kinds of music variety shows playing on several channels. Shows like Hulabaloo played some videos here and there, but mostly bands just lip synced to their own songs. Even American Bandstand played the occasional video but again the big draw was to have popular artists perform their shows live by lip syncing.

    Some variety shows also played 1 during the course of their show like the "Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour" but they were introduced as an act.

    MTV is in fact the first "channel" or network rather to play all music videos all the time.

    Edit: Don Kirshner's rock concert was always a taped live performance of some new or upcoming bands. They were not music videos. The Midnight Special with Wolfman Jack mixed radio talk, interviews with different celebrity-types and videos in between - but mostly they were not the band's music videos it was a montage of scenes put together with a band's music playing in the background - these were created by Wolfman Jack's radio studio.

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    9 years ago

    There was some airing of music videos back before MTV. Mostly the late-night music shows, like Don Kirshner's Rock Concert, and the Midnight Special, to name a couple.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    only dumb scripted shows like the Hills & such. that is unhappy. Even on TRL - a tutor dedicated to music, they only play approximately 2 seconds of the video & even then some stupid 15 3 hundred and sixty 5 days old interrupts it! I hate MTV!

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