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Camel asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 8 years ago

Why don't public-sector unions want merit pay?

Teachers Unions have been getting away for decades with benefits for poor performance. Our kids are stupider than ever, even though our public education system spends billions of dollars a year. It's no wonder that teacher's unions resist pay for performance; because our teachers keep turning out imbeciles, and nobody is held accountable, and teachers retire with millionaire benefits and pensions.

Thank GOD Governor Walker ended the free ride in Wisconsin. We need to apply that Nation-wide.

So why not apply "pay for performance" to other public sector employees? Why shouldn't we pay the police for their performance? How many criminals did they arrest? How many crimes did they stop? How many tickets did they write?

How many fires did firefighters put out? How many people did they resuce? I would even allow for the number of "pets" rescued -- just to keep it fair. How much real estate, in actual dollars, did they "save"?

There are numerous ways to quantify the work of police and firefighters. Why don't we? Why do their unions have such a stranglehold on our public wallet?

If I don't meet a quota in my job, I don't get a full paycheck. Why are we letting these public leeches get away with milking the system, just because their "union" demands it?

We don't need MORE teachers, police or firefighters.

We just need BETTER, more productive, more efficient, teachers, police and firefighters.

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  • lare
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    8 years ago
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    public sector unions are not against merit. they just don't want raises and promotions passed out like candy to whomever pleases the boss. teacher unions in Colorado suggested and got a merit system.

    but think about it, if you threaten to fire a teacher who doesn't give an A+ to the mayors daughter that has an IQ of 70, will this make for better teachers or happier mayors? i have lived in towns that have a police quota system. believe me, you can be put in the slammer for a parking offense if its near christmas time. that does not make me feel safe. a quota for firemen? you want them to start setting fires when they need a raise? don't kid yourself, it has happened. Firemen in most towns are available 24/7, is that how you describe your job attendence record? Fire, police and teachers are all examples of people that require continuing education for job retention. They do in fact get tests, or have you forgotten how school works.

    Having taken graduate level studies in how education works (and doesn't), i can tell you the principal reason that underqualified people get offered teaching positions in the first place is they can be paid less than those with full credentials. In no state does the teacher union get to select who is hired to teach, think about that one when pointing the blame. same pretty much goes for all public sector employment, so don't make merit pay a code word for patronage, because that is where politicians will make it go.

    Most police departments allow a citizen a chance to ride along with an officer for a day or night shift. do that at least once before saying they are undeserving. they won't mind answering your questions either if you think you are smart enough to stump them.

  • 3 years ago

    These unions aren't for terrible uneducated men and women so that they are able to be paid fairly and have humane working stipulations. They're corporations which exist to extort the maximum amount of cash from the taxpayer for the compensation of presidency workers. There's a feel of entitlement that incorporates education, and lots of consider that their bachelor's measure or grasp's degree entitles them to have a high pay, even though they don't contribute anything valuable So we get caught assisting increasingly govt employees. At some point our economy will cave in under the burden. Mainly worrisome is the quantity of law college graduates to get jobs in state and federal paperwork. They especially anticipate to be paid a very high revenue.

  • meg
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    8 years ago

    The Federal Government introduced merit pay for civil service employees in 1978 ( carter) and it was abandoned a decade later (by Reagan) because it did not produce any improvement in performance and in some activities decreased efficiency and the ability to respond the changing demands.

  • Bug
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    8 years ago

    This is just crazy.

    Merit pay for cops and firefighters? Do you really want police arresting "anyone" or writing trivial tickets so they can meet their "quota"? Do you want firefighters starting fires, so they can put them out and "earn" their bonus?

    Police and firefighters by their nature provide REACTIVE services. Something has to happen FIRST, for them to get involved. By setting up a pay system you describe; enough bad things have to happen for them to react; and that's bad for society!

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  • T-Bone
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    8 years ago

    To answer your question;

    Because under the merit system no public worker would qualify for the pay raise......Most of them don't work for the paycheck they earn now.....

  • 8 years ago

    Unions are parasitic pigs on the economy. All public sector unions must be abolished.

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