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I get nervous at BJJ tournaments?

Well, not so much nervous but I feel cold inside. I feel weaker instead of pumped up, when I clinch with the other guy he feels like the damn hulk, but as soon as I see an opening for I takedown I suddenly explode and have the mindset of killing this guy, it's either him or me.

How do I get rid of the weak feeling in the beginning though? It eats away at me mentally. Makes me feel like I'm gunna lose no matter what, even though I've gotten 1st in both of my tournaments. By the way, I'm 15, short, although I like it. I'm only 5'6". Regardless, what could help me?

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    Just more experience. You will still probably get it tho. Only thing I could suggest is to make sure your warmed up moments before your match that way you are already in the zone. If you start your match cold then your nerves may get the best of you. (at least that helps me)

    Source(s): 6 years of competing in jiu jitsu wrestling and karate tournaments under different rule sets and intensity
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    Sometimes being nervous is a good thing. Just like its good to be nervous if you run track, it helps focus and makes you even faster. As long as you realize you are nervous it can benefit you and make you more aware

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    don't be there is no reason to be nervous just have faith in yourself and you should have no problems

    Source(s): martial arts training since 1997 bjj blue belt
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