10 points! Why was my friend acting strange?

Last Saturday night, a friend of mine was playing a show at a bar downtown and invited me. I went, and we stayed until Last Call. We went back to his place to watch a TV show he told me about, and at the end of it, he asked if I wanted to hook up. I said no because I have a boyfriend, and he respected that. I crashed on his couch and left the next morning.

Throughout the week we have texted a little bit because we exchanged numbers a few nights before his show. We will hang out again soon but haven't made plans yet.

Last night I unexpectedly ran into him at another bar, where he was sitting with his ex (whom he's still friends with), a friend of hers, two of my friends, and me.

In contrast to last weekend, he didn't say a word to me. Because of it, I felt awkward, so I didn't interact with him either.

His behavior was surprising. What gives?


I've known him for a few years because we have mutual friends and have hung out together with them. However, we have only hung out with him one-on-one once (last Saturday). He is friends with his ex, but I hear they won't get back together. I'm not sure if they are intimate anymore. When we text, it's is about work, weekend plans, etc., so nothing sexual.

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    In the company of his former girlfriend and three companions, your friend naturally felt awkward to talk to you. He might be embarrassed if the foursome learned that you had spent a night in his house. Thus, he chose to keep mum.

    Furthermore, he might not want to create any misunderstanding should you mention another meeting with him. He was right to be discreet, knowing that you have a boyfriend. A slip of the tongue might disconcert you,too.

    The guy is a tactful, trustworthy friend who is not in the habit of gossiping. He knows when silence is golden. There is no indication that he feels guilty of your sleeping on his couch.Nothing untoward or scandalous happened.

    He may apologise for his muteness and explain when he sees you again. It should not be an issue at all.

    Source(s): A guy could turn mute when a friend appeared at a bar together with a few companions. The situation might be a bit sensitive when his ex-girlfriend was around. Silence was thus golden to prevent any embarrassment.
  • He's just interested in knowing the girl beneath your clothes. He didn't spoke with you shows that he doesn't want anyone to know that he knows your personally. When he meets you next time be prepared to get another request from him to hook up.

    Btw additional info as whether how long you know each other before that night, what did u exchanged in texts, hws the relation of his friends, ur friends and you would hv helped to answer better.

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