If a 17 year old wants to get married and his parents won't sign can a law sign instead in the state of west v?

Im a boy that has a good job and i got my 20 year old girlfriend pregnant and i really want to get emancipated to marry her but my parents will not sign.....they like her but for religion belief they want us not together.. and im from west Virginia and read most the laws but i really need to know if a lawyer can sign instead of my parents and since shes pregnant will it help are chances getting emancipated..i love her deeply and cant stand not being around her to protect her and are child...


IM ALREADY OUT OF SCHOOL SO EVERYONE WHO IS SAYING THAT **** OFF btw i got a lawyer cuz in the STATE of west virginia he can represent me with out my parents since the wont sign and my court date is set!!!! for all those people whom comment and didnt know **** ..**** yall cuz my girl needs me and ill make SURE im there!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Of course it depends on state law, but most likely, you will have to go to court and get a court order by a judge. That's expensive and he probably won't do it. A lawyer can represent your interests in the court, but he can't take over parental rights unless they give them to him--legally. In some states, the age of consent to marry is 16. Do you know what the age of consent to marry is in West Virginia? It wouldn't surprise me if it's young. Otherwise, you may have to wait until you're 18, which isn't far off. Seems to me that it will take longer to get emancipated then it will to wait until you're 18, but I don't really know how long that will take.

  • Boots
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    8 years ago

    Once you turn 18, you can get married.

    By the time you went through the legal process to get emancipated, you would have turned 18 anyway. Any legal process is not fast and you'll reach the age of majority long before the process works itself out.

    Your girl friend being pregnant and your love for her are irrelevant. The court/law does not care. It does not reward teenagers who make babies. That is more likely to hurt you then help you.

    Unless the lawyer signing the paper happens to be one of your parents- no, a lawyer can not sign and grant you the right to marry.

    Source(s): ** not legal advice. only an attorney can give legal advice.
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    No a lawyer cannot sign in place of your parents.

    No her being pregnant does not help your chances of emancipation, they actually hurt them.

    A judge can sign off on you getting married, but by the time it winds it's way through the courts, you will turn 18 and can get married on your own.

    The one thing you can do is get a job and cover the expenses of the child, instead of becoming another drain on state aid.....

  • Pat
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    8 years ago

    No a LAWYER can't sign for you.

    If that was true, then what would be the point of having any laws at all?

    And by the time you got it done, you would be 18 anyway.

    The best thing you can do is to go back to school and get a decent education so you can get a decent job to support your child.

    You won't get any kind of decent job now because you are barely literate.

    Is that the kind of life you want for your kids?

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  • Laredo
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    8 years ago

    No a lawyer in West Virginia cannot sign for you to get married. Your parents are your guardians and they hold the power to conduct your legal affairs until you are an adult.

    Personally, although the WOMAN is an adult, you are not. You need to stay in school and concentrate on getting an education and a good job to provide for your baby. You didn't even mention that part; only that you wanted to be with her to "protect her and the child." She's pregnant....not in danger, unless she is a cheater. Listen to your parents because they may know something that you don't know.

  • A lawyer? Noooo, a lawyer has no legal power to do anything. You would need a judge to grant you emancipation, which is a very long, expensive process which probably will not succeed. By getting pregnant at such an early age., you're a;ready shown a lack of foresight that argues against it.

  • 8 years ago

    elope- go out of state to marry

  • 8 years ago

    just wait the year and then do what you want

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