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Is it strange that a 16 year old girl sleeps with a teddy bear?

And takes it most places with her? I just started sleeping with my teddy bear a few weeks ago, and now I can't sleep without him and take him almost everywhere. A few kids earlier were making fun of me because I had my bear on my lap and it looked like he was giving me a lap dance, and I don't even know what that really is. I left Mr. Bear on a bench for a short time, ande when I came back the guys were humping it. I know it's just cloth with stuffing in it, but I still feel as if my child was violated. Is this normal? (I'm rereading this thinking I sound like a six year old)


I didn't care about him so much when I was a kid. And I take him pretty much everywhere it's not explicitly unacceptable.

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    1. It's normal. My two 15 year old friends do that, I have two 16 year old friends who do that, so does my 17 year old boyfriend, and my mom even had a stuffed cat all throughout high school (I saw in her old photos)

    2. Kids look for excuses to make fun of people. I don't know why, they just do. Or maybe they just wanted an excuse to make an immature joke (the one about the lapdance). I look for excuses to make immature jokes like a normal teenager, but I don't make fun of other kids in the process. They don't care how other people feel, so who cares what they think?

    3. By the way, a lapdance is some sexual thing that involves dancing and somebody's lap. Not so sure how it works...but whatever.

    4. It's not weird to be freaked out when you see creeps HUMPING your favorite stuffed animal. It's actually pretty normal. I would be disgusted too. Somebody needs to punch them.

    5. You're still a kid until you turn 18 and even when you are an adult, there will be nothing wrong with any childish stuff you feel like doing as long as you're also able to be responsible. Anybody who says you're immature for having a teddy bear is an idiot.

    My job here is done.

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    Teddy Bear Lap Dance

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    I actually did that from age 15-16 (my sophomore year of highscool). I took my teddy bear to school and everywhere I went and slept with him as well. Fortunately, I was too ignorant of my surroundings (and listening to music so much) to notice people poke fun at me.

    And it was the same with me about the not caring for it as much as a kid. I got that bear when I was about ten, but I forgot about it for a few years. Somehow, I just fell into the habit of taking it everywhere once I found it again.

    Now, I'm much more outgoing and don't need my bear with me all of the time (although, he does still stay on my bed). I suppose that I moved on to wearing a rubber band around my wrist 24/7. It's a lot less work for me and no one cares about / notices it.

    I'm assuming that the teddy bear is just a comfort object, but it's not really that weird. Lots of people have comfort objects.

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    I'm 17 and I have a massive teddy bear on my bed,

    That teddy bear was with me in rehab 3 years ago.

    He earned a place on my bed every night.

    I have no shame

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    MY thirteen year ancient still sleeps with a teddy. Exceptional to know that some youngsters are nonetheless youngsters at that age and not seeking to be adults. I see WAAAY too many young children here asking the type of grownup questions that may be better left for adults......

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    Nah, most teenage girls I know and even some grown-up ones have teddies in their room, it's like decorative it's not considered weird. I have three teddies on my bed and I hug one at night and no one's ever said anything. I don't take them around though, but if you do that's fine I would just keep him in your bag. And yeah if someone did that to one of my bears I'd be upset :(

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    I am 19 and have had my teddy since i was 10. I cherish him and wont let many ppl touch him. however he stays in my room, either on the shelf or on my bed when i want to cuddle him for old time sake(and so he doesnt feel lonely or replaced by my hubby) i know they dont have feelings but he was my best friend as a teen, always there for me when i needed it. XD

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    Well if you take it everywhere yeah it's strange bit it's sweet! And if you sleep with ur teddy most people do that at some point in their life

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    I'm 13, male, and I still sometimes sleep with a stuffed animal. Its normal, and usually when girls take stuffed animals everywhere they go guys find it cute. I know I do. :)

    And ehm, a lap dance is when you thrust your crotch while on someone's lap.

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    It's not strange to sleep with the bear. However, it is strange to take it everywhere with you.

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