Fishing knot questions?

Alright I got several questions-

Q1 I have a ton of crankbaits and plugs, and many have split rings.... Now I am aware that tight knots such as an improved clinch knot and a closed uni-knot loop/Duncan knot, trilene, or Palomar knot can restrict the action of some lures, but if it has a split ring is any knot okay?

I mean the lure has a little semicircle protruding from it's body, then the split ring that moves pretty freely.

Q2 Tying little Crappie/Walleye worm jigs with loops is the only way to go right?

Q3 Poppers and and other bass lures without split rings- what knot to use?

Q4 Apparently overhand knots severely weaken monofilament line, and since the Palomar (one of my favorite knots) has technically an overhand knot in it's design, it weakened, too?

I always wet my mono knots BTW

I'll be using 8 lb mono when it comes to these questions

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  • paul z
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    8 years ago
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    The split ring allows freedom of movement to a degree,which is why it's there.So a knot used to the split ring can be tight to it and secure,and will not inhibit the lure's movement.Yes,any knot tied to the split ring will hold it firmly,if tied properly.Some knots retain more of the line strength than others do,so knot selection is a factor to consider,especially with light line or very heavy line,because some knots don't tie well with heavy line.You can use the Rapala knot for the ones that have no split ring,like a jig,or rapala type lures without a split ring,The split ring is absent because it affects the action of the lure,making it move against the design of the lure with that added weight up front.The palomar knot doesn't weaken the line to a great degree,it retains 84% of line strength,which is pretty good,The line is stressed most when it goes against the hook eye curve,even if an overhand knot is part of the entire knot,the main stress is not on the overhand loop,it's further down into the knot at the bend/transition from hookeye to main strand of line.I use an improved clinch knot for almost all my fishing needs,and haven't ever had a major problem with it in over 50 years of fishing.Some salt water fishing requires other knots,due to the heavy line used,but we aren't concerned about that in this case.the rapala knot is fine for your lures and poppers and jigs without split rings,or a different knot that has a loop in it against the eye of the lure,it will allow it to move freely,but not unravel or break.Go to animated knots dot com,they show you how to tie just about any knot and give you info on the knots too,like strength and such.

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    Braid has a smaller diameter than a matching weight mono line. Braid is likewise greater comfortable because of the fact it does no longer stretch like mono, it relatively is why you employ a mono or fluorocarbon marvel chief while applying braid and additionally the the teeth and gill plates of the fish can pop the braid. regardless of the undeniable fact that, braid will fail with out warning no be counted if that is nicked or frayed. because of the fact of this I in simple terms use it while fishing off the surf (seashores) or on sandy bottoms while on a ship. If I`m fishing jetties, wrecks, bridge pylons, and piers i circulate with mono because of the fact that is greater abrasion resistant than braid and holds up lots greater efficient while confronted with rubbing against shape. attempt it for your self get a length of mono and a length of braid tie one end to a fence or a pole or in spite of wont circulate then pull as difficult as you may, or have a buddy pull, and then in simple terms touch the strains one after the other with a knife. The braid will pop and the mono could in simple terms have a nick in it if that lots. yet lifeless weight smart braid is greater suitable

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