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Are readers of Daily Mail all homophobic?

Okay, this isn't really a question-question, more a topic of discussion, but I've noticed lately that comments on Daily Mail articles generally tend towards the homophobic. Just an example; I was reading an article about a gay teen who commited suicide and all the sweet comments (R.I.P, You'll be missed, ect.) has thousands of red arrows (thumbs-down). Whenever there's an article about stars helping LGBT causes the top comments are stuff like "Get your sexuality out of my face" "Are they trying to make gay look cool?", "Gays should get fixed and become productive members of society again", ect.

I was sort of disappointed since I'm a very open-minded person, and I've gone off that site seeing the article about the suicide, since it was kind of depressing that people could be so nonchalant about a life lost just because the poor kid was gay.

Am I totally overreacting, or has anyone else noticed this pattern? What do you think about it? And if you're a reader of the Daily Mail, are you this closed-minded?

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  • 9 years ago
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    I read the daily Mail from time to time as its the only newspaper that will deal with certain issues. However I am not fond of that paper for the stereotypical reasons. Personally I'm not convinced that people in Britain really care about homosexuals at least not to the point that our American cousins do. The daily mail did produce that horrific and downright stupid article when that famous gay singer died. lo and behold I don't know his name however but I did read the article.

    So yes I feel that the Daily Mail promotes homophobia because they are the only paper that appeals to this demographic. They do have positive points they are egear to call out the EU as often as possible and support UKIP which is a party that I am a part of.

    That being said if there was an article called get your sexuality out of my face I kind of understand where that is coming from. Surely you realise that most gay men are not how the media portrays them?

    I'm certain that the Daily Mail has used this topic to twist to their own agenda but I also feel that sexuality a completely irrelevant 'feature' of a human being is brought up as often as possible on the BBC.

    Do you remember those Man turning into a woman documentaries? Now perhaps I watch too much tv but there was a fuckload of these.

    First there was the original a dude goes to some forgin country to get his sex change operation

    Then it was a woman who wanted to be changed into a man.

    Then it was a big brother like scenario where a group of people all lived together and discussed there pre op lives.

    Then there was a documentary about how I became gay after having a stroke.

    Do you see what I mean? I at least feel that the BBC in particular needs to get off this whole sexuality thing. I'm not saying that I dislike this documentaries I actually watched all of them. But I agree with people who say that sexuality is being excessively portrayed in the media.

    As for the title "Gays should get fixed and become productive members of society again" I can't really explain this. It does just seem like the Daily Mail is scaremongering again.

    But In conclusion I read the Daily Mail but only sometimes usually only when I get directed to the Daily Mail from a website such as reddit, twitter, facebook, youtube. I feel that the Daily Mail does promote hate but occasionally they hit upon a story that other newspapers will not publish.

    A good example of this was the recently busted 'sex gang' of 'Asian' men. The Daily mail ran an article to explain how they feel that it is racist to call Pakistani- Muslim men Asian as the majority of people do not consider these people to be Asians and they accused the BBC of using the word Asian to hide the fact that they where a Muslim sex gang. Clearly the idea that a bunch of Muslim blokes treat women like trash would promote hate and such a thing could not be shown on the mainstream media be it TV or Newspaper. However the Daily Mail seems to flaunt this rule.

    So no I think it is wrong to generalise people who read the Daily Mail as closed minded dumbfucks.

    Many people such as myself read and buy multiple newspapers which surely if anything is a open minded trait.

    But ultimately if you read any paper exclusively you will become closed minded and with papers such as the Sun and Daily Mail this can cause serious misrepresentation of the facts. The sterotype that all daily mail readers are closed minded nimwits exists for a very good reason.

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    5 years ago

    Daily Mail Homophobic

  • 5 years ago

    Why do you learn each unmarried tale within the every day mail that has some thing to do with immigration, and why do they ***** approximately any advantage regulations if they're more often than not no longer eligible besides. Which nations can the British move to without a signal of a task, and get given different peoples tax cash with out regulations. And the EU broke their possess laws letting nations who most effective pay 70p/hr become a member of within the first location.

  • 9 years ago

    The Daily Mail is one of those publications that is used to make money off the public while miseducating people, in line with the conservative views of the paper's editors and owners.

    The owners/editors might not ultimately be homophobic, but those sorts of people find it useful to spread homophobic ideas, because it distracts from what they consider more important political concerns - keeping average people divided and fighting amongst themselves, and labelling innocent members of the population as the cause of all our problems, so that we attack gay people instead of attacking the wealthy (like the editors/owners of newspapers) as the source of social and economic problems.

    The readers are sometimes homophobic, sometimes not. Generally speaking, the readers of a newspaper are more progressive than its editors, simply because they are less likely to be from the 'upper' classes, but there is a lot of backwards homophobic/racist ideas among average people as well, unfortunately. Thats what papers like the Daily Mail try to encourage.

    So thats the demographic that it tries to aim itself at, and it tries to get regressive tones into most of its articles, even if they seem innocuous on the surface, so they attract and encourage those who are truly homophobic, and those are the loud, obnoxious people they encourage to comment and send in letters to the editor and mess up the website and so on.

    I guess my ultimate answer would be, the owners and editors have their own reasons for spreading homophobia, the readers are more likely to be mixed, between genuinely homophobic people, and non-homophobic people who just want something to read.

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  • 9 years ago

    It's just so sad how people can't express what they like just because, even though it doesn't concern or affects other people, they will still criticize them and chase them down. Being insulted for being gay is just like being insulted for liking the color blue, is what you like and you can't help it, and it doesn't affect other people at all. People should be free of doing what they like to do as long as they don't affect other people.

    This critizicism against gay people is not different from the racism against black or latin people, they are who they are and they can't help it, stop being stupid and just let them be for god's sake. Human beings may be so stupid some times.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Not at all. It is people like Peter Thatchel who stir up homophobia with his demands and actions.

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    9 years ago

    Not this reader.

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