Anyone been to Namibia?

I've recently developed an obsession to see Namibia particularly the skeleton coast and the surrounding Namib desert. Has anyone been there? Opinions?

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    Namibia is a wonderful country and one of the easiest to travel around. The game in the northern part of the country, Etosha national park and the Caprivi strip have some of the best game viewing. The Damaraland is also a must see, huge boulders an wild landscapes.

    The Namib desert has a road through it that runs from the Damaralands to the skeleton coast, after crossing the dessert you are greeted by the refreshing breeze from the Atlantis, the coast to the north is rocky and home to penguins and seals to the south lies the vast golden sand dunes of the skeleton coast and area that seldom see rain. The sand dunes of the skeleton coast are moving towards the sea and ships that have wrecked on the coast from many years ago are now miles in lane.

    Windhoek the capital is a lively city, Swakopmund on the coast is the largest town and from there you can arrange activities in the dunes like quad biking and sand surfing.

    Namibia is a sparsely populated country for its size and it's not uncommon to travel all day without seeing another car. The people are friendly and polite and there are several very interesting cultures to see and experience.

    In my view the best way to see Namibia is to hire a car and drive yourself, the roads are well maintained and usually 2 wheel drive is sufficient. You can drive yourself through Etosha National park where the roads are good and water holes well sign posted, nothing like parking up and seeing game coming down to drink

    You can even drive up from South Africa via the Trans Kalahari Highway.

    The currency in Namibia is totally interchangeable with the South African Rand, nearly everywhere accepts either currency and they both have the same exchange rates so no issue with changing up cash.

    It's a truly wonderful country and well worth a visit if you are able, the scenery is breath taking, and it is well worth the long arduous climb up big Daddy, the largest of the accessible sand dunes from which you get a view over what seems an alien landscape of endless sand dunes, at the bottom of this dune lies a petrified forest thought to be thousands of years old.

    There are some excellent lodges and a visit to the Africat sanctuary is also a must, here they rehabilitate cheetahs mainly and you can drive through their private reserve (in their vehicle) and feed the cheetahs by hand, if your lucky you might get to feed a cub or two as well.

    If you get the chance to go grab it, you wont be disappointed.

    Source(s): Live and work Northern Zambia, but travelled extensively throughout southern Africa
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