Skateboarding problems?

I have a skate board and my board doesn't seem to cruise or keep going like I see others in videos, in other words I have to continuosly pump. What are some problems the can cause this. I have lucky bearings which are pretty nice so i don't think those are the problem but any advice is appreciated.

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  • 9 years ago
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    There are different types of bearings. Abec 3,5, an 7 you can check what kind they are by reading them and if they are 3's then that is ur problem

  • 4 years ago

    i've got faith outstanding now the passable boards to get is desperate by using what variety of skating you do. for people who do alot of slides and stuff. you may desire to check out composites. like SMA blackbirds. or eastwing skateboards. composites are like carbon fiber ceramics. tthey are stronger and lighter. and have extra effective pop. the different realy properly skateboards are the skatebuilts. and the sh!tbird skateboards. they use a formica backside. so for people who slide its tough and slick. the backside ply is the comparable stuff they use for counter tops. for people who in simple terms desire to adventure a wood board. i ought to point the two sacrifice skateboards or azpx skateboards. all the boards i element out are made in the U. S.. and that i in my view gaurantee that they are stronger than the boards each physique is suggesting.

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    9 years ago

    Use WD40 on your wheels

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