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Alice in wonderland movie...?

This isnt the new one. Its kinda old but not like 1999. In it theres a woman and she gets a ring from a guy she runs to him and follows him into an alley. She hides because she sees him get kidnapped. I dont know what else happens but she falls in a mirror. i forgot what happens then.She meets the mad hatteer in some crazy potion place. At the end the queens castle explodes. I think she falls in love with him throuout the movie to. I cant remember what movie this is!! I really want to know!!


Oh and the movie has real people. it isnt cartoon. :)

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    Alice (2009 TV miniseries)

    Wikipedia synopsis excerpt:

    Alice Hamilton lives with her mother, Carol. Her father disappeared when she was 10, and she has spent much of her life looking for him. She invites her new boyfriend Jack Chase to dinner, but is shocked when he gives her a valuable-looking ring as a gift. Jack abruptly leaves, Alice following only to witness Jack being abducted by several men. A man, the White Rabbit, steals Alice's ring and runs away, Alice chasing him but falls through a giant looking glass and lands in Wonderland, which has changed over the past one-hundred and fifty years. The Queen of Hearts rules over Wonderland from the Heart Casino, where people from Alice's world are taken to, sedated and play games in the casino, their positive emotions drained from them and turned into drug-like substances for the people of Wonderland to digest, keeping them under the Queen's control.

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