Overclocking P5KPL-CM Intel E7400 Duo Core?

I am running Asus P5KPL-CM with Intel e7400 Duo Core, Nvidia GTX 460, Stock fan on the cpu, 32 bit Window ultimate. My cpu usage is almost always 100% and I get bad frame rates in games, certainly not because of my graphics card, because I run on low settings.

I would like how to overclock safely (Never done it), or if not, what cpu+motherboard+cpufan I should buy?


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  • Jerome
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    9 years ago
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    -Download CPU-Z to monitor your CPU - Free

    -Download SpeedFan to monitor CPU temperatures - Free

    -Download Asus TurboV evo for P5KPL-CM - Free - It should come with your motherboard

    -Download prime95 for testing cpu - Free

    run CPU-Z and speedfan

    run asus turbo and manually set the cpu ferquency up by 2-5 Mhz at a time. (it should be by default 270 -ish). also increase your multiplier to maximum value.

    you can keep increasing until your computer crash then you know your limit. (probably at 325Mhz)

    you will see in CPU-Z your core speed increase as you do.

    you can increase vcore voltage for more but it will reduce cpu lifespan. dont go over 1.35v.

    once you think you want to keep with these changes run prime95 tests for 10-30 min. check your temperatures in speedfan, anything above 70C is in the danger zone. if its overheating and you want to keep these settings, get a better cooling system.


    if you feel like spending money, you can get the intel i7 960 and asus sabertooth x58 for about $500

    and the cooler master 212 for $30

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