Good Blues/Garage/Indie/Rock bands (any era)?

I've been looking for new music to listen to. I've browsed a lot of threads with similar type questions but I'm still looking for good bands to listen to.

My favorite band is the white stripes. I already know of everything Jack White has done since, trust me.

The style I'm looking for is similar to the following bands: The White Stripes, Jack White and Co., the soledad brothers, the gun club, flat duo jets, the greenhornes, holly golightly, the yeah yeah yeahs, the black belles. Those all kind of fall into the garage/blues/rock style thing. Bands with a really raw, bluesy sound. But most of them fluctuate between the blusey-ness and folk music, which is totally cool.

Bob Dylan, The Grateful Dead, cream, etc are all really good bands that could be mentioned but everybody already knows about them. I'm not looking for really obvious answers here.

I'm looking for answers from people who know about the genre I'm talking about and aren't going to suggest something like queens of the stoneage, or the red hot chilli peppers, or the strokes, or "use pandora" or whatever else. Pandora just listed a bunch of really, really mainstream bands that most people happen to like- nothing that was actually tailored around my interests..

I don't really like the black keys, the hives, von bondies, or any of those wannabe white stripes type bands. They're just poor imitations, not strong members of the same genre. :p

Thank you in advanced if you suggest something cool.

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    My favourite band is the White Stripes would totally love The Kills! It's Alison Mosshart (who I assume you know is the lead singer in The Dead Weather) and Jamie Hince, who is an amazing guitarist. Listen to their albums No Wow, and Keep On You're Mean Side. You will totally love them!

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    You must already know The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather, here's some other bands:

    Band of Skulls

    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

    Radio Moscow

    Seasick Steve

    The Black Angels

    Buffalo Killers

    Heavy Trash


    North Mississippi Allstars

    The Fumes

    Howlin Rain

    The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band

    The Paul Butterfield Blues Band (60's band)

    Canned Heat (60's band)

    The Sacred Mushroom (60's band similar to Cream)

    Mountain Bus (70's band similar to Grateful Dead)

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    I hear a lot of MC5 grooves in the White Stripes. I like Jack White's side projects also; especially with The Raconteurs, and his other production work. There's a million Indie bands for sure. One good pioneer one was The Standells (of 'Dirty Water' fame). Thier albums are worth checking. You may also enjoy The Demolition Doll-Rods, The Plasmatics, Masters Of Reality, Bob Log III, or Hound-Dog Taylor,

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    Just curious, you say you dont like the black keys but have you only heard their new stuff? I would highly recommend their older albums, rubber factory in particular.

    other than that

    the heavy

    modest mouse

    beck - try listening to scarecrow

    radical face- try welcome home

    beautiful girls- more of a reggae sound

    band of horses


    the pixies

    explosions in the sky- really cool instrumentals, try your hand in mine

    white town

    patrick sweany- them shoes

    hope it helps some

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    Have you heard Wolfy & The Bat Cubs yet? I think they are right up your alley.

    Link here -

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