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Aliza asked in HealthMental Health · 9 years ago

Is what I have a disorder or is it normal?

Well, I'm not sure if what I have is a disorder or what. So, I am scared of a lot, a lot of things. I'm terrified of everything. I'm scared of heights, bugs, scary things, the dark, and I can't even be alone. Ok so I'm terrified of heights. I can't go on a kiddie ride at six flags that goes just a little high without screaming or shaking in fear or closing my eyes really tight and feeling sick to my stomach. All my friends make fun of me for it but honestly, I'm really, really scared of a kiddie ride. Bug I CAN NOT stand. Once there was a tiny little black bug on my arm and I FREAKED OUT. It was during school and the bug was on my arm and I jumped out of my seat and started swinging my arm all around even though the bug was already gone. Two hours later my arm was completely RED because I kept scratching it. I kept scratching it because it felt like the bug was still there so for two hours I scratched and scratched at my arm until it was redder than a tomato. By scary things I mean scary stories, videos, and movies. If I see a scary video or movie I will not be able to sleep for weeks. And it stays with me forever. Like I saw the Haunting in CT because my friends begged me too and that was a while back when it first came out in theaters and to this day I still can't sleep in the dark or take a shower without looking around at every corner to make sure nothing is hiding. I can't even look in mirrors without feeling like something is going to be behind me or something is going to jump out of the window. The dark. I am deathly afraid of the dark. I sleep with the lights on or with a night light. I sleep with the TV on too or the radio. I can not sleep in the dark. I tried once and I ended up not sleeping and sweating and literally shocked with fear. I wrapped myself in a blanket and hid under it and even though it was like 80 degrees under there and I was sweating like a pig I refused to get out from under the blanket. I can't be in the dark without screaming or crying. I can't be alone either. I don't go out with friends or go out at all for that matter because I'm afraid to get lost or kidnapped. I am being serious too. I haven't ever gone to the mall or movies by myself because 1. it's dark and 2. I can't be alone. If I'm alone I get really, really nervous and uncomfortable. I NEED to be with someone at all times. I tend to stay home a lot, even if I have to go to the corner store for a drink or something I have to go with someone because I feel like someone is going to kidnap me, rape me, and kill me. I just can't be alone. I was just wondering are these just normal phobias or do I have a disorder?

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  • 9 years ago
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    That's pretty serious anxiety- even paranoia. Please talk to someone you trust and get it sorted, it's not fair on you, you should be happy not scared all the time! :)

  • 9 years ago

    Hey this sounds a bit like me. in my case though, I have a few more extra phobias. Heights, insects, spiders I'm afraid of too. I also have a phobia of dogs n need to be atleast a few meters away from them when walking past them on the streets/parks. I'm scared of the moon n other gigantic things, like the planets, huge, tall buildings, large amounts of water (like in a sea/ocean), sometimes walking alone outside, being alone at home coz I'm in the constant fear that the house'll be robbed/burgled and I'll be murdered/raped, crossing the road by myself coz I keep visualising violent road accident scenes in my head, I also have some form of social phobia and feel afraid to go up to people to talk, like in the case of a doctors appointment or interview.

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  • Paul
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    9 years ago

    it sounds like you have a few phobias. but there are a lot of people afraid of heights, and even some afraid of bugs but to scratch your arm that much may be a little extreme.if your afraid of scary movies then don't watch them.but you need to relax a little. although some people have been kidnapped, i would not let that ruin your life. although it is good to be aware f your surroundings but you seem to take things to the extremes. relax alittle and live your life.

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