Help! I miss my best friend a lot.?

i used to have a neighbor kid as my BEST friend. i'm a girl, he's a boy. right now, i'm 14 and he's about 3.5 years younger than me. We were super duper close, like brother and sister. we would do everything together and we shared a special bond. He lived next door to me with his mom and little sister. his parents were divorced and his dad lived in a different state. About 3 years ago, his mother died at a very young age with a rare type of cancer and left 2 little children behind in this world (my friend and his little sister). So, not only did my friend lose his mommy, but he also had to move to a different state to live where his dad lived. Even though it's been 3 whole years, I still think about him almost every day. I miss him SOO much. i think about all the things we used to do together and how close we were. i had to watch the tragedy happen and i could do nothing to help him but try to help him have fun (he stayed many nights at my house while his mom was in the hospital). i just miss him so so much. it almost hurts everytime i look next door and see a family that isn't his.

PS- my friends think i'm in love with him. I don't think i am. but i'm not really sure. i know i love him a lot, but right now, it doesn't feel romantic at all. idk

PS- i do sometimes get to see him. whenever he comes in town to see his grandparents, he always makes sure i'm invited. but it's never like it used to be. his whole family is there and me and him and his cousin and sometimes other kids hang out and run around in the backyard. now i always have to share him. but i am thankful for the times i get to see him and look forward to next time. i hate saying goodbye tho. i always give him a goodbye hug, trying not to cry. tears fall from my eyes almost as soon as i get in the car.

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    Ik what you mean. I have a best friend I really cant let go of, and im the same age. We keep each other a secret from other friends, and i really dont share him xP idk what his reason is though. We always had this one place we'd meet up, so I completely understand.

    Everytime he leaves, you oils always to to him on the phone? If neither of you have one, you can always borrow one from a friend or parents? Maybe use skype?

    Maybe you could be allowed to have weekends and stuff over at his place if your parents allow.

    And when he ccomes to visit, tell him you wanna have an all best friends day, just you and him before he goes. And just have fun. Even if its just by a nearby lake, like me :) it sounds like a beautiful friendship, and Ik what you mean by other people thinking that way. My friends think a guy and a girl cant be friends and always end up sating, but I COMPLETELY disagree.

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    I've been separated from my Bestfriend too you should see if there is any type of way you can contact him like through text Facebook twitter email or whatever why he is away and I don't even get to see mine anymore :(

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