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Brandon Marshall or Calvin Johnson?

Who will have more TD receptions this year?

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    It's funny how people automatically assume Johnson will have more. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying Marshall is a lock, but Johnson got half of his 16 touchdowns last year in the first 4 games, then he came back down to Earth for the remaining 12. Marshall last year had a mediocre QB at best throwing to him, and lets face it, he wasn't really that interested in playing for the Dolphins. Jay Cutler last year threw 13 TD's in 10 games, and that was with mediocre receivers. Now that the Bears have a serious receiving threat and one who already has shown to have good chemistry with Cutler I see no reason why he shouldn't be catching a lot of TD's.

  • 9 years ago

    Calvin Johnson

  • 9 years ago

    The only way Brandon Marshall has more TD's than Calvin Johnson is if Johnson gets hurt because of the Madden curser. If Johnson is healthy throughout the whole season, than Johnson will have more TD's than Marshall.

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    No Question!! Calvin Johnson #81 Megatron

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  • cole
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    save marshall. y? Marshall-6'5 230 Johnson-6'5 239 so close to to the comparable length. yet marshall has a greater effective QB, detroit might desire to no longer get all and distinctive good for a mutually as. Johnson in 2008-seventy 8 catches 1331 yards 12 TD's Marshall in 2008-104 catches 1264 yards and purely 6 TD's yet this final year became seen a important ruin out year for johnson, he might desire to b a three hundred and sixty 5 days ask your self (think of Braylon Edwards) additionally, this year became VERY disappointing for Marshall. 1200 yards and a hundred catches became seen a unhappiness after his 2007 season. He performed in in basic terms 15 video games, no longer sixteen like johnson. he additionally later pronounced after the season that when his off field situation final year, he had little or no to no feeling in his maximum suitable hand. he additionally had a lingering hamstring harm for greater or less 9 of those video games he performed. in 09' he will completely explode. he will b finally a hundred% back. he will have a important greater stronger QB, and McDaniels is denver's new coach. he did awsome with cassel, think of of what he can do with marshall and cutler.

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    I would think it would be calvin johnson. Because Calvin had 16 touchdowns last year, while Brandon had 13.

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    Did you seriously just ask this question?!

    Calvin Johnson of course!!

  • 9 years ago

    Calvin Johnson is a beast reciever!

  • 9 years ago

    Calvin Johnson "beast mode"

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