what should i plea for benefit fraud ?

I have lived alone for nearly 10 years i have 2 sons 9 and 1. There father has all ways had contact and all ways bought the kids anything they have needed. 5 yrs ago i had major back surgery and i have been registered disabled. i have allso got clinical depression and fibromyalga . I am unable to work. I soon fell in to debt with not working and i was declared bankrupt in 2007. Over the years my family have helped me alot with my needs and my children. Though now in the last year or so things have got difficult and i have been left to try and managed on my own . I can not tell you how hard it is ...impossible some days. I have a debt welfare advisor and she has managed to get me some benefits. but 3 days ago i got a letter from housing benefit saying that i have to have an interview under caution as i have not told them about a partner living with me. That is not true. I have been single for all most 10 yrs. My 1 year old was a plesant accident with my ex ,i had a drink while on large amounts or pain killers morphine but we decided to keep the baby and forget about what had happened between us. We are best friends. i have become more ill recently and my sister who helps me has got a job so can not help out as much and my chilminder has stopped as her farther is very ill. so i have been almost alone. My ex travels all over the world and dose not have a fixed abode as he is all ways in hotels. when he comes to see the children he stays over and i go to my mums for rest bite. my home is happy my kids settled but some how im breaking the law ?. i also have been targeted for getting a mobility car some man called me and said his tax pays for my f ing car?? i have lots of my other benefite looked at as someone has called them saying im claiming things im not entitled to. I have been to the police and reported all of this along with my car been scratched. i also now have the neighbours from hell who have beaten up my 9yr old 3 times and they have partys and when i walk out my door there are about 10 young lads around 16 yrs old calling me names and give me abuse. . So me and my boys are scared ,due to this my ex has stayed more as we are afraid .the police say that if they go to them it will make things worse . I dont see how. I am now terrafied i have broke the law by letting my ex stay (seperate rooms)(or im at my mums ). I dont want to go to pison for fraud. I can not sleep or stop crying i have tried to contact over 30 solicitos they either charge to much or do not deal with things like this and c a b are inpossible to get in contact with. I just want to curl up and die,its only my sons keeping me here. If i go to prison i will die as i could not bare to be away from my boys. i have got information an advice off the net but its not very reasuring. My interview is in 2 day . Someone pleas help me im out of my mind and worried sick .

3 months ago

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I have just given the council 4 weeks notice to quit and me and my boys are moving into my mums i can not hack it anymoe been on benefits and in a council house i feel like im a sitting duck some one is allways trying to shoot me down. I have also got in contact with all my other benefits and told them to keep it the stress harasment its just not worth it.

3 months ago

My ex has not got a flat or house as he would never be in it and the money he saves from that he banks for the boys. the kids that beat my son up age from9 to 17. i have told everyone and asked everyone for help but no joy.

3 months ago

I have since had my interview and it was horrendus i was there for 5 hours . I needed emergency medical help when i came out of interview. There was no real evidence against me but they just hounded me to adnit it. I didnt as i had done nothin wrong. It has now been 3 months and it is still ongoing though my ex partner has been asked to attend an interview with them. Is that normal? he has never claimed any benefits and has no knowledge of what i claimed(i have since moved into my mums as i could no longer cope with the stress,and i have stopped claiming all benefits as i hate the fact people can use it as a way of attacking you)

So im unsure of why he has been asked to go to one also my solicitor has told me that they want me to have a second interview ?? why ? i now feel that all they will get from this is a deead body please help me i dont want to go to prison and be taken away from my kids.

After almost 3 years i have now received a summons to court to answer the allegations of benefit fraud,I have spent time in a mental health unit due to this stress of fraud and i am at my wits end as to what to do anymore,If i plead not guilty the case will be sent to crown court and can take another year to be herd,i also have to get witnesses.Or i can plead guilt and it will be all over in a matter of 2 months. Im exhausted what should i do ???

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    Do not plead guilty if you are not guilty. It would not "be over with in a matter of two months" because you would be forced to repay past benefits they allege you received fraudulently. Just tell the court what you have told us here. Keep on telling the truth and don't let them hound you into admitting something you have not done. If you need to get witnesses, some of your former neighbors may be able to help, or your ex can testify as to staying over because of the attacks on your son. That is probably why they wanted him to attend the interview. Stay strong for the sake of your children.

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  • Teresa
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    4 years ago

    I very much doubt she will get prison, but then why should the taxpayers shell out even more money to keep her? I (unfortunatley) have to live on benefits for now, but I would never dream of benefit fraud as it is tantamount to theft. It is people like her who give the 'honest' benefit claimants the added stigma attached to their situation. With any luck she will get fined and be forced to repay what she stole from decent, hardworking taxpayers. It will be of some comfort to them to know that should she not pay it voluntarily, it will be taken from her wages. Don't listen to those who call you a grass, benefit fraud IS a crime. Any one would report a burglary so why not this. Continue to stick up for what is right and decent!!!

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