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Are you still supporting our Foreign Born President.....who is going down faster than Carter did?

Ted Kennedy can no longer help Obama, since Snorkel Tead fell of the ChappaquidDICK Bridge under Obama's Nose.

It will continue to get worse for Obama and Holder. Romney will be elected. Here's why........

After playing audio of Texas Republican John Cornyn calling on Eric Holder to resign as Attorney General........... asking Eric Holder to resign is like asking Obama to stop Fluking with Sandra. It isn't going to happen.

These Leftist PIGS will have to be Voted out and dragged out of office by those of us who Love America. They're never wrong. You have to understand how psychosis works.

The Attorney General of the United States should step down for a number of reasons.

The scandals surrounding him – the guns sent to Mexico, the killing of a border agent (Brian Terry U.S. Marines), the cover-up of the killings at the border, the cover-up of national security leaks to the New York Times – these are very serious issues.

The fact is, I believe the impact of all these scandals have turned out to be greater than Watergate.

What is the so-called "Fast and Furious" scandal all about? The Justice Department decided to smuggle guns to Mexican drug gangs, who Be Head those who get in there way. Why?

Because they wanted Murders. 40,000 Murders since Obama 2009 Why?

Because then the microcephalics from Harvard, Yale and the other denizens of Lower Learning (and lower living) who work for this Marxist Administration could say, "Look at that. It's guns that are causing crime in America, so we need to ban guns."

Eric Holder is stonewalling on the smuggling of guns to Mexican Drug Gangs. Additionally, how many Mexican Women have been Be Headed by Chainsaws that The Asse Holder smuggled into the Vast Reconquista Expanse of the Arizona/Mexico Border. OLE' Can you imagine how Anal Liberals would be if any Republican were to do this. As Always, Democrats get a pass on Be Heading Murder in Mexico.

HOLDER is lying and covering up the leaking of national security information to the Stalinists at the New York Times, a paper with long experience in backing dictatorships, going all the way back to the 1930s.

But where is Mitt Romney on this?

ROMNEY is blowing his opportunity to defeat the most corrupt, incompetent, Gay Anal and most anti-American Administration in History.

It should be a sure thing, but with Romney plodding along like Mr. Country Club, I don't know if he's going to use Obama's and Holder's Crimes in a debate to take out these two.

I drive around here in the The Valley of Fort Apache and I see idiots with "Obama-Biden" bumper stickers, and I feel like shouting out, "Haven't you heard of Fast and Furious? Haven't you heard of Solyndra? Haven't you heard of the US Navy SEAL Team being killed under Obama/Holder?"

ROMNEY 2012...because the alternative is unthinkable....I have Two Cute Blonde Daughters you know....


ROMNEY 2012....since the alternative is unthinkable

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    I've been a fan of Romney for years, and I was almost sad that his chance would be wasted against Obama because he didn't stand a chance - and to my pleasure he stands more and more of a chance everyday, if the election were held today he'd win.

    I'll be glad to see Obama go. When that happens he'll probably blame Bush.

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  • wesely
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    3 years ago

    No, you're merely undeniable incorrect. Obama replace into born in Hawaii, and Arthur, inspite of comparable rumors circulated for the time of his election marketing campaign, replace into born in Fairfield, Vermont. His FATHER immigrated from eire and lived temporarily in Canada previously coming to the U. S..

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  • 8 years ago

    Obama's record as President >>>>> Romney's record as Massachusetts governor.

    That's why he ran for one term. And gave up.

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  • Wasabi
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    8 years ago


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