Republicans, what did GW do wrong?

I mean he gave us an economy that was:

1. Unemployment increasing at 750,000 jobs / month

2. Every bank, broker, AIG and 3 automakers bankrupt or on the brink

3. 2 wars raging with lower taxes so we could not pay for it.

4. Real Estate values sinking to below the mortgage.

He must have screwed up somewhere. Tell us. Wasn't he following conservative policies or not?

Is Romney going to follow the same thing? Tell us. Answer my question

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    You actually hit the answer on the head, he wasn't following Conservative principles with the mortgage meltdown. You are mistaken about the war costs. They only comprised 15% of the deficit spending. One of Bush's lack of Conservative failings was that he was an out-of-control spender. It was said that he never met a spending bill he didn't like. And this was before 9/11, when he at least had an excuse. Most of your points come from the mortgage meltdown which was fueled by another lack of Conservative principle failure - buying into the well-intentioned but fiscally reckless Progressive agenda, obsessed with providing "affordable" low-income any cost.

    You are also wrong about the taxes, which your friends are not quick to point out. The 2nd part of the Bush tax cuts were implemented in 2003, besides having an almost immediate effect in lowering unemployment, they increased revenues. Without Bush slacking off on spending, his 2nd term yearly deficits stepped down dramatically. They were on track with the projection of a balanced budget in 2010. The lowest deficit was less than $200 billion in 2007. This with the 2 wars going on. All this got blown out of the water by the mortgage meltdown, absolutely unrelated to the tax cuts. THIS, was one of Bush's solidly Conservative things he did. That's why it worked.

    You seem to be comfortable mixing half-truths with attitude to create conclusions you like to hear. Is Romney going to have another of another mortgage meltdown? I think you know the answer to that but the spiteful sound of what you want to hear sounds better. Here's some things about Obama and Romney you should consider.

    Typical recoveries from recessions, even ones fundamentally worse off than this one, last 6-24 months. We are now in month 39 of "recovery". This is because of the business-hostile environment the Obama Administration has created. The constant threats of tax hikes (2/3 of small business and their owners are effected by the high-end Bush tax cut extensions), the machine gun of regulatory red-tape spewing out from Washington, a pathological hatred of oil, coal or anything that does not fit the utopian ideal of "green" energy, blowing past and even accelerating past the "bridge out" sign in respect to the debt 5 trillion dollars ago and treating corporations as if they are some fire-breathing dragon that must be slain, all contribute to keeping the recovery from happening, business expansion from happening thus, creating jobs. Any job creation that has been going on has little to do with Obama policy and everything to do with the doggedness of business to survive and claw it's way back to profitability, regardless of what roadblocks are put in it's way.

    Unlike Obama, Romney brings actual business experience and economic understanding to the office. He also comes in with chief executive managerial experience from business and political office. Unlike Obama, he will actually put a budget in place for running the country. We haven't been running under a budget since Obama took office! Budgets are what fiscally responsible people work in. They Ryan budget, which he endorses, has the courage to deal with the 800 pound gorilla in the room namely, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. These are ALL going bankrupt, increasing in cost, are bureaucratic, riddled with fraud and waste and full of red-tape. He will reform them, making them cost efficient and cutting out a big part that drives our deficits and debt.

    Business confidence, which is rock bottom, will start rebounding the moment he is elected. He will end the business-hostile environment and allow for the boom in the oil market that is straining to happen. He will push for simplifying the tax code and stop the knee-jerk regulatory red-tape, all helping small business. He will cut the corporate tax (currently, the highest in the world). This will end much of the outsourcing and be a boost to business. Too many Liberals have this idea that if you are not punishing big business (for some reason), then you are pandering to them. I could fill up a whole post on how Conservative tax policy has worked whenever tried.

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    8 years ago

    GW was no conservative. And 2 and 4 you mention (and 1 really) all came about because the government thought it would be great if poor people owned homes. It wouldn't have hit the fan so adamantly if not for 9/11. To keep the economy afloat, they made the cost of money almost nonexistent. That precipitated the housing boom, which always leads to a bust.

    Going into Iraq was his biggest flaw.

  • hexa
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    8 years ago

    No he was not for the 10th time Bush was not a conservative just because their is the letter R in front of your name, does not make you a conservative. Bush has been out of office 31/2 years, Obama continued everything Bush has done and even spent more than all the Presidencies put together. unemployment was not that high when Bush was in office, but the policies the Dem's put into place involving the housing market is what made everything fall, Dem also voted for the wars he went to Congress to get permission, something Obama know nothing about he go's around congress like he is King. And another thing both Bush and Clinton when before Congress to try and fix Fanny and Freddy the Democratic Congress told them both to shove off, Bush went 17 times.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I think even a rock knows the cause of the recession at the last few months of his term was due to the housing bubble.

    "3. 2 wars raging with lower taxes so we could not pay for it."

    Wars are 100 Billion a year, we spend 30+ times that on everything else.

    It would be easier to take you seriously if you had any clue what you were talking about.

    What did he do wrong? Spent too much money, create the homeland security office, did little to nothing about immigration.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Well what would u do in his situation? He had to have been given one of the worst possible scenarios to start off a presidency. Obama hasnt helped snymore than he did. And FORD stayed alive through it all (and dont gimme sh#t about outsourcing plants to Mexico because US govt owned GM outsourced to China) and the car companies wouldnt have been in Jeopardy in the first place if they werent controlled so much by the govt. And since BHO has been pprez unemployment has risen, debt has risen, and BHO helped push AIG over the brink. And one more thing IM TIRED OF PAYING FOR HIS F#CKING VACATIONS!!!!!

  • 8 years ago

    Democrats took congress Jan 2007 so your whole premise is utterly flawed. Have a great day.

    Real conservatives abhore bailouts of any kind.

    Side note: prior to this recession (yes i know the recession is technically supposed to be over- tell that to 50 million long term unemployed, recessions in the USA lasted an average of 6 months. The Democrats, in an unabashed effort to increase their voter base, through their excessive spending, and refusal to cut the budget any at all, have extended this recession to over 3.5 years. If you consider that US debt is a hedge for most foriegn nations retirement, and the damage done as a result of America's credit rating getting lowered, basically the Democrats have scr@wed over most of the world in an effort to increase their voter base.

    One lesson I have learned in life, I am not the most intelligent man on Earth, if I've seen through this scam, odds are a great many people in the United States have seen it too. 1980 presidential election, its about to happen again.

    Just a heads upm Bush hasn't been president for over 3 years. I never would have guessed it was his fault. No one ever seems to say that.

  • nora
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    3 years ago

    A double general? Particularly? I don't count on Obama to comprise Republicans to any extent further than I anticipated Bush to comprise Democrats. But considering that, Obama are not able to credibly rise up and accuse of Republicans of no longer working with him if he's not working with them. Might be you must study what a double regular is. Edit: LMAO!! "It appears to me Obama has tried time and time once more to contain Republicans" correct.... If with the aid of "contain" you mean give the possibility to vote in prefer of HIS plans. LOL.

  • 8 years ago

    1) Increased the size of government

    2) Cut taxes but not spending

    3) Bailouts like you said

    4) Sarbanes-Oxely which does nothing for the free market

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    He continued CLitnon's economic policy that was already proven a failure. clinton lowered interest rate to force people to invest destabilizing our economy. He failed to convince congress to put safeguards in that would of protected from this disaster.

    PS you are too bias to understand what really went wrong. Both parties wer guilty of this mess, but the one President most responsible was CLinton not Bush.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    He won the election in 2004.

    That's what he did wrong.

    Had he lost, he'd have gone down as one of the better presidents. Kerry would have been no-doubt an incompetent incumbent, and would have lost in 2008, especially as soon as the Edwards scandal broke open (Rielle wouldn't have stayed hidden for long).

    Bush fell apart mid-2006. Hence the election of a Democrat majority in both the house and senate that year.

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