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Soc.studies, President Roosevelt. Best answer Gets 10 points. Only 1 question?

President Roosevelt implemented a set of programs called the new deal. Identify the problem that the new deal was designed to deal with. List other possible solutions and their advantages and disadvantages. Then write a short evaluation of the chosen solution

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    The New Deal was a series of programs such as the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Works Progress Administration (WPA) and so many others designed to deal with the Great Depression. By most accounts in history the New Deal was generally a success although some individual programs were more successful than others.

    The previous president, Herbert Hoover, had tried a very limited program of government intervention and this was not successful. The disadvantages of doing nothing would have been that the crisis would have continued to get worse. The advantages of trying the New Deal programs was that it would have been hard to make things worse!

    Source(s): I am a former US History teacher.
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