can i wear a leotard with legging or pantyhose without panty with jean shorts and sandals?

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  • 8 years ago
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    You can certainly wear pantyhose without panties underneath, with a leotard on top of the pantyhose. The jean shorts, on top of the leotard, on top of the pantyhose will give you plenty of coverage. However, you must choose your pantyhose carefully, Your pantyhose must have two attributes for this outfit to work.

    First of all, the pantyhose you wear with this outfit MUST be Sheer-To- Waist. This means that the panty portion of the pantyhose will be just as sheer as the rest of the leg. If you don't wear sheer to waist, the darker & thicker panty portion of the pantyhose will stick out of the hem of your shorts and ruin the line. The STW pantyhose prevent this fashion faux-pas (mistake) by ensuring that your legs have uniform color, texture, and thickness. It's kind of like wearing full brief underwear with same outfit. The panties shouldn't stick out, and neither should the panty portion of the pantyhose.

    Second, please be sure to always ALWAYS wear sheer toe or sandal foot pantyhose with your sandals. So long as your toes are the EXACT sheerness as the rest of your leg, and the seam is tucked safely away and out of sight, you can wear sandals and pantyhose with confidence and pride.

    "Mostly" wearing sheer toe or sandal foot pantyhose with sandals (or open toe or strappy heels for that matter) is not good enough; always, always wear the sheer toe/sandal foot pantyhose style when wearing shoes where your toes will be exposed. Pantyhose with reinforced toes should not be exposed to the public. If you must wear pantyhose with reinforced toes, wear them with closed toed shoes such as ballet flats.

  • les75
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    8 years ago

    Absolutely. There is no need really to wear anything underneath pantyhose in any case, especially not if you wear a leotard over them and it is also much more comfortable that way. And pantyhose with shorts are a great combination.

  • carla
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    8 years ago

    wearing pantyhose with shorts looks and feels wonderful

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