What career paths does a social sciences course open up?

I'm interested in doing an 'access-social sciences course'. I'm also interested in becoming a social worker in the future, but I'm not sure yet, so I would like to know what career paths this course will open up.

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    Here are career options for social science as followed:

    Social Studies Teacher

    Teaching social studies is one option for the social science major. Most states require certification of teachers within the broader category of "social studies" rather than certification in just one subject like history or geography. Pursuing a social science major can provide teachers with a well-rounded background that informs teaching practice from variety of perspectives including sociology and psychology. Teaching generally requires a minimum of a bachelor's degree and that the teaching candidate pass a certification exam or series of exams required by their state's board of education. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, secondary education teachers made a median salary of $52,200, as of May 2009.


    A career as a criminologist or detective is a second option for a career for social science majors. Criminologists study the behavior of criminals in an attempt to understand and predict their next move. The research of a criminologist can aid law enforcement officials in their quest to locate and subdue those accused of various crimes. A social science major can also prepare graduates for a career as a detective or private investigator. Most academic criminologists have advanced degrees in their field of specialization, while detectives and investigators typically have associate or bachelor's degrees. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, detectives and criminal investigators made a median salary of $62,110, as of May 2009.

    Social Worker

    A social science major can help prepare students for a career in social work also. In some states, it is necessary for social workers to have master's degree in social work before fully licensed. Social workers provide social services to people who are unable to assist themselves in some capacity. Social workers can work as case workers who investigate allegations of child abuse, or they assist the poor with social welfare programs, but these a just two of the many capacities in which social workers serve. Social science majors may need to meet additional course requirements at the undergraduate level to qualify for a social worker's license. Salaries for social workers tend to vary by specialization. For instance, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that child and family social workers made a median salary of $39,960 in May, 2009, while mental health and substance abuse social workers made $38,200.

    Public Relations Specialist

    Public relations is another natural fit for the social sciences major. Public relations specialists work for companies and organizations building relationships with individuals and organizations in the community. In essence, the PR specialist is someone who gets paid to network on behalf of his employer. The specialist may also serve as the face of a company or organization in various media events and public gatherings. Public relations specialists made a median salary of $51,960, as of May 2009.

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  • 4 years ago

    Pursue a profession in education, politics, or there's of direction the life of a holy man. Don't join the church end up a monk in a zen institution. As for most important guides.. Philosophy, Sociology, visible communique, english, german, french, latyn, sanskrit(when you've got that option), psychology ect. With these guides which you could come to be a lecturer, a critic, a writer, a author ect. I have the same interrests that you have and that i chose to head be trained at a filmschool. It labored out brilliantly, what a wonderfull industry.

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