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How do i take a screenshot?

i have a COMPAQ, windows 7 laptop and i was wondering how to take a screenshot with it. i think i may have brought it up by accident one time but im not sure.

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  • 8 years ago
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    What i do is 'Prt Scr' button, go to paint press "Ctr V" save, go to a upload place on the internet, then post it on forums.

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  • 8 years ago

    The print screen button is the PrtSc key. It was named that because in the early days of computing that key was used to send the content of the text screen to the printer. You won't know anything has happened until you paste the image into an image editor.

    Pressing the PrtSc button will copy the entire desktop

    Pressing the Alt and PrtSc buttons will copy just the active window

    (Pressing the Alt, Shift and PrtSc buttons will turn on a high contrast mode for the visually impaired.)

    Once you've done that you can paste into an image editor. Programs like Photoshop will need you to open a new canvas before you paste the image. Again, progams like Photoshop will automatically open a canvas the right size to accept your image.

    If you have Vista or Windows 7 and need some odd portion of the screen then use the snipping tool - Start > Programs > Accessories

    If for some reason your PrtSc key is working like the Home key in a browser window. (Home takes you to the top of the webpage and Alt + Home takes you to your browser home page.) Then if you are you using a laptop or a computer using a compact keyboard, or maybe one of the IR or RF keyboards try pressing the Fn key. Depending on the keyboard you may have to either hit it once to toggle the PrtSc key or press it at the same time as the PrtSc key.

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  • 8 years ago

    Well using the Screen Print button on the upper right of the keyboard you can copy the image of your screen to the clipboard to paste into a paint document. Otherwise you may need to download a screenshot tool like Screenshoter or WisdomSoft Screen Capture to name a few

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    You can use the print screen button to take a screenshots of the entire open windows and paste it anywhere in photo editing software or else you can use snagit software which has lot of feature on how to take screenshots in different methods.

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