Senior Pictures Help! What should a Plus size teen wear?

OK so this month im going to take my senior portraits and im freaking out because i DON'T know what to wear.i am a plus size girl but i am athletic, my legs and calf's are toned, i have a stomach and i am a very cover up type of person that doesn't like to show skin, i usually wear wavy shirts and just skinny jeans with toms.LINKS or any advice will help:)

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    8 years ago
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    Well Kat Dennings is plus size in a curvy way so wear the kind of things she wears? Im assuming your rocking double DD's like a lot of plus size girls so go for something to assentuate them ;) Or if you're proud of your legs then cover up your chest a bit and go for a dress with a slit down the side? I love Quiz for dresses - , so try that? I suggest you go out with a couple friends to a nice dress shop and have a laugh trying things on? Just find something that you feel comfortable and beautiful in! :)

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