Best places to live in Delaware?

My husband and I are looking to relocate and we aren't sure on where yet. We live in a very small town in PA where there is nothing to do unless you drive 35-40 minutes or more. We are only in our 20's and work in healthcare. Does anyone know any good places to live in DE? We would like to be close to driving distance to water (ocean or lakes). We don't have children but plan to the future and we would like to buy a house but definitely not like a 300,000 dollar home. Also, we would like to stay in the healthcare feild so jobs must be there. Any suggestions?

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    9 years ago
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    Previous answer is partly right: every part of DE is close to the ocean since the state is so small. In fact, depending on how far you want to drive you'd have a choice of beaches to visit: the Delaware beaches, Ocean City, MD, Ocean City, NJ and the Jersey Shore (a long drive though), etc.

    Meanwhile, hospitals and medical centers are spread throughout the state. For example, there's Beebe Medical Center in Lewes near the DE beaches, Christiana Care in Newark, the DuPont children's hospital in Wilmington near Concord Pike, etc. If you and your husband lived in Dover but had workplaces split between Lewes to the south and Wilmington to the north then you'd each have a 50-mile commute.

    It would probably be to the benefit of you and your future children to avoid buying a house in some these isolated, former-farmland-or-woodland areas like some of the ones in Smyrna or Middletown for example: sometimes it's a long walk to the nearest DART bus stop or nearest shopping centers. Likewise, a house in the southern part of the state would put you farther away from Philadelphia and the rest of PA, which could be a bad thing depending on future college plans, choice of a major, and the limited number of schools in DE.

    So if it were me, I'd look for a house in the Dover area (preferably Dover proper), Bear, Newark, or parts of Wilmington. The latter two locations also have train stations for SEPTA and Amtrak.

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    My limited experience in Delaware is that any location in that state is close driving distance to the ocean. Certainly under an hour.

    Outside of Dover which is a relatively small city, things drop off in population.

    Good Luck!

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    Someplace near Wilmington or Newark. You'll be about 90 minutes to the seaside. Both areas have plenty of retail and restaturants. So does the stretch from Lewes to Rehoboth, however it is very expensive to are living there with these varieties of jobs. Many of the restaurants in Dover are the chain eating places.

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