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Need major math help? On percents! I've tried many times. I can't figure it out.?

A sign in a clothing store said, "All prices reduced twenty-five percent. Final prices marked on tags." DeLea found a sweatshirt that showed a price of twenty-seven dollars. What was the original price of the sweatshirt?

What is the answer and how would I solve this.

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    The equation for figuring the original price is the current price divided by the percentage (expressed as a decimal) that it represents of the original price. In this case, the current price is 75% of the orginal price. .75 is the decimal expression of 75%. Therefore the equation in this case is:

    $27.00 / .75 = $36.00

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    27 $ after price cut.

    original price (O P)

    OP - (O P * 25/100) = $ 27

    0.75 O P = $ 27

    O P = $ 27/ 0.75


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    Well i don't know about you but i have always had a major in PYTHAGORISIS THEROM! ;) yea i know ima boss. Now what your gonna want to do is A squared plus B squared equals C squared. Now if your working with triangles it C squared TIMES B squared equals A squared. Learn ya maths brah

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    Do it your self

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