what is an extremely horrible girls/boys name? and why is it sooooo horrible? what does it make you think of?

Something REALLY OUT THERE and really TERRIBLE!!


Why do you think its soo bad?

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    I've been keeping a list of all the horrid names I've see this month. Should I post the usernames? No, because that would be rude. But am I going to do it anyway? Yes, because people need to know that I'm not making it up. Mind you, these are all for girls as girls often suffer the brunt of their parents' (wannabe or otherwise) 'artistic' abilities...

    (-:Tabbykinz:-) - Finnley Hayden, Shiloh Avery Blair, Bowie Felice

    Tabitha Florence - Octavia Sybella Patience - this one isn't too bad, but it sounds like the name of a fantasy princess not a, no doubt, average, unremarkable 21st century child.

    Eliza Ruthie ♥ - Cross August, Océane Ruthie, Benedita Aurore

    Ashlie♥ - Daelyn Marie

    Braaaahhhhp - Paxton Reighlee

    Makenna - Paige Jordyan, Parker Kayla, Kendall K (just the K)

    tay - Grayson Kathleen, Piper Dominic, Parker Azalea, Hayden Anastasia, Landen Juliet, Rylan McKenna, Mara Cassidee, Declan Athena

    LoveMySon - Kaizlen Marie & Blaire Emery

    The names Amanda :] -Dinette Tyfani, Dallas Love, Labrya Madysen, Krystyna Trinity, Beautiful Alaska, Labrya Chevette, Nevaeh Sunshine

    Aubree - Melodi Dusk, Marlee Bree, Ambyr Sue, Bloom September

    cнєlsєα sмίlє - Guinevere Lotus, Lotus Emery Lotus Oleander, Emery Elijah

    Expecting Triplets! - Kensington Alaina

    Lady lovely locks - Vagena and Vadgesty (She actually gave her twins those names!) http://au.answers.yahoo.com/question/ind…

    Bonnie - Zulay (zoo-lie) Ailene, Lumiere Éclair

    Kell - Deliverance "Liv" Virginia

    Me – Andromeda Elizabeth

    Willow - Luna Prism, Ember Iris, Aurora Patience, Araiya Sunrise

    Lourdes - peace summer

    Mega - 10. Bonnibell Rumi Elaine, Snowdrop Andromeda Irene

    Lizzeh - Venus Sky, Lyrical Patience

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    Any name that's a joke, like Ima Bird, Holly Wood, Brock Lee, Cannon Ball or Harry Pitts.

    Any alcohol name - Martini, Dacquiri, etc.

    Any name that sounds like it should be for a pet - Blackie, Lucky.

    Some that defy categories, like Buckshot or Pajama (mispronounced Pay-jay-mah) or Damya.

    Then there is the whole category of bad spellings of common names. People think it will make their child yoo-neek to spell Mary as Mah'rhea. It just makes Mary's life difficult.

    Wishing you well.

  • Bailey
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    8 years ago

    A girl here on YA was naming her son "Arcade" I thought it was horrible!

    I agree that Bertha is also horrid and Olga..!

    Imogen, Phoenix, Nirvana, Shoshanna, Gaia, Lavender, Sunshine, Jett-Nee (These are all real names I've seen on YA and in person)

    Julilly, Hermione, Romania, Cornilia, Lilac

  • 8 years ago

    Ryan --- it makes me cringe. I have never in my life met a normal person called Ryan ever they all have emotional issues , are drug abusers, look and act weird...... There was one who I thought was nice but then he stabbed me in the back (literally)

    Hope this helps

    Matt :)

    Source(s): My life
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    Virginia - Makes me think of vagina & virgin

    Beatrice - sounds ugly & it's like beetroot.

    Neveah - So corny.

    Seth - Reminds me of green spew, spit/slag.

    Chuck - Vomit.

    Augustus - A fat kid eating cake.

    Bruno - Another fat kid eating cake.

    There would be so many more and probably worse but that's all i can think of off the top of my head.

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    Bertha. Reminds me of a hippo... I cringe at that name, yuck

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    I hate the name Shelby. It makes me think of an old fat lady.

  • 8 years ago

    Nevaeh. It's horrible because it's incredibly trashy and doesn't have a meaning.

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