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If asking questions is encouraged on this site, why does Yahoo dock 5 points for each question?

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    Ya is all about belonging to AND PARTICIPATING IN an online/digital community and DIGITAL citizenship. When you ask a question, you are taking FROM the community because other YA community members will spend their time answering your question . The reward for answering a question is two points. You get three of the five points back when you select a best answer to your question. Then you GIVE to the community by answering a question, so you get the five points back. The purpose of the points is to encourage you TO PARTICIPATE IN THE ONLINE COMMUNITY. If you are only going to take from the community by asking questions, eventually you will run out of points and simply not be able to ask any more questions until you start answering questions and giving back to the YA community.

    YA's "membership ritual" is agreeing to follow the community guidelines when you sign up Your Yahoo account to participate on YA.

    Compare the last seven themes to the community guidelines.

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    It is really encouraged to ask "good" questions, but without the cost of points, the site would be filled with spam, scams, porn, and really bad questions. The point deduction is really to control the content of the site. Also, questions really only cost 2 points (read the point system table) if you pick the Best Answer. You get 2 points for answering a question. So like a penny cup in a store, leave one, take one.

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    This is called answers not questions. The whole purpose is to answer the questions. Of course when you have a legitimate question you ask. I n general we should always answer kindly and genuinely -Jacob

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    This is just the question I asked on Yahoo Answers France.

    Needless to say I don't know the answer!

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    the clarification is that if yahoo didnt fee factors then there may be distinctive abuse by ability of trolls asking questions. you will get 3 factors back by using ability of balloting for many suitable answer. in case you dont and your questions is going to public vote and you dont get any factors back in any respect.

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