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Which is considered as the toughest martial art to master ?

i'm tired of doing tkd( i wnt till grn blt)...i need to go to a different level of combat that makes me undisputable..what i should choose...that suits me..which M.A is toughest ?sort it from 5 to 1 with discription if u can, pls....

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    and how much of the grappling aspect did you learn in tkd?

    tkd has a lot of grappling in it. if you didnt learn that yet then you didnt learn anything about tkd.

    you need a more challenging teach, its not the style the is challenging or tough. most instructors dont understand there own style and as a result dont teach the full style

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    Oh dear you think you've already mastered an art form..how silly of you.............I bet you're not even 20 years old yet

    No one ever masters an art form totally guys who've been taining for 70 years will even tell you that , if you feel the need to go to a different level find a tougher instructor within you're own art form or try cross training against other Disciplines,or take some initiative and find ways to make your training harder , TKD is not that easy to master ,no martial art is , if you've got you're blackbelt let me tell you you've mastered nothing , in most cases it only means you've grasped the very basics or it represents how long you've been training within the art form, if you've got a couple of medals and trophies again that's a sign of experience not mastery

    Mastering an art form is something humans can't accomplish in this life , and if there is a next life they're probably not able to be mastered even in that one . define mastery for me and I'll shut up , but the truth is no one can truly define it

    Taking up a new art form is not the only way to try and take your training to the next level, explore the upper limits of yourself within your own art form and current training regimen ,think outside the box ( or rather just your box)and you might just progress a bit further

    ( This is just a personal opinion but how about rather than sparring with TKD sport rules try Vale Tudo rules when sparring to help gain a little more authenticity toward real fighting , you could even try it with multiple sparring partners, just a thought , as many TKD schools use their own sport method which resembles the sport of Kickboxing , but Vale Tudo is essentially No Holds Barred apart from a few basic safety rules , just look into it before you try it , or failing that try an MMA Sparring rule set, it's fairly similar but with a few more rules for safety )

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    there's a jujitsu instructor who runs a club my son has long gone to for 6 years. He became sixty the different week. He runs an grownup club 2 nights a week too. i've got watched the adults some cases. He nonetheless practises and gets caught in. i might settle for that his reaction speed isn't as reliable because it could have been yet he's so nicely drilled and the reactions seem so instinctive and his anticipation so reliable that i might actually wager on him if one million/2 a dozen adult males tried to mug him in an alley. in case you pick to google him he's Brian Cheek. I took up the judo back at 38 after 17 years off. sure the innovations can undergo in innovations the strikes however the knees are actually not as supple and the cost has long gone yet you will locate it interior the footballers as much as in any game with adventure comes anticipation and the older greater suitable gamers do not chase the ball around as lots yet anticipate by using adventure the place it is going to circulate next. Age and adventure can defeat young ones and exuberance greater often than you could think of. come back to the karate yet why not connect a club the place there are greater vets, simply by fact there is yet another element to the upkeep of your actual potential. in case you do not use it you will lose it. reliable success

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    What exactly are you talking about ???

    It takes decades to master all the moves of an art and you are saying your'e tired ?

    Combining other arts will do nothing for you...Something Bruce Lee said year's ago

    "I'd rather be afraid of a person who practice 1 kick 1000 times than someone who practice 1000 kicks one time".

    And i dont know how bad is TKD in USA but in Asian Countries the we have good TKD schools.

    Once BJJ becomes popular and spreads to Asian countries rapidly,they will have Mcdojo's too !!

    People think learning Karate or Taekwondo is easy because they look basic which is wrong..

    Knowing to throw a kick in training and throwing a kick or punch in a street is different...

    With all those stances and strikes in Karate/TKD it will take year's to master how to do it perfectly with accurate speed and accuracy..

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    By the time most students even understand the point of it they're too old to use it anymore.

    How's that for twisted.

    All of them to be honest. Martial Arts can't be mastered, there's just too much to learn in a single lifetime. That's why they constantly change, things get forgotten, rediscovered, adapted and re-invented.

    Perfection is just another word for stagnant.

  • ?
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    It depends on which art you have locally:

    Zen Do Kai {ZDK}: is a very demanding MMA & you have to be tough to complete the training, as it's a street based martial arts. Pretty much when you get to higher ranks, it almost feels like if you survive you pass :D.

    Krav Maga, Kyosokin Karate & Kenpo Karate are the pretty much on par with ZDK, re style toughness,techniques, etc.

    These are just some of the MMA's around & will give you a multiple of skills.

    Personally I would pick an MMA over a single style, even if they are tough they focus only on a certain style eg/ BJJ,Judu:majority grappling, take downs throws etc/ Thai Kwon Do:as you know mostly leg, foot work with very little hand work/ Muay Thai: mostly strikes{elbows/ knees/ kicks/ punches}/ Aikido:Prodominantly Defensive {AKA "the passive art"} /etc

    I hope this helps you or at least gives you something to concider.

    Source(s): 30+ years martial arts experience, training, study & teaching including the 4 MMA's I meantioned above.
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    training in and mastering muay thai in my opinion is the most deadly The Art Of Eight Limbs They defeated the samurai in many small battles in 1800's with just hand to hand combat it is also good to do boxing as well because it is far by all the most outgoing martial art when it come's to fitness.

    incorporate some taekwondo/karate kicks as well as some greco roman wrestling for some take down defence into your style it all depends on you but that is a good stand up combo.

    now ground in my opinion again i think the BJJ (brazilian jiu jitsu) with aspects of greco roman wrestling with again a combination of judo throws for your take downs but this will take a lot of time to learn i am a year into my stand up and are yet to learn my ground so there you go like bruce lee said never commit yourself to one style also said by john claude van dam in bloodsport movie (1988) so there you every thing not one martial art but common practised knowledge from many

    martial art's witch come's down to my answer MMA is what you want. but it will take dedication 2-3 years to get it all and another 5-10 to master it's up to you (you are the chooser of your own destiny.)

  • 8 years ago

    Hey KW, aren't you the one who always says that its easier to master Judo, BJJ and Muay Thai?

    All martial arts are tough, it just depends on how willing you are to get to the end of the training. There is no end to martial art training. No martial art will make you the toughest and if there was one, then you would never be able to train in it.

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    People may not agree with my answer but the truth is TKD is the worst Martial Art is existence.

    Let me tell you the right answer:-

    1. "Kyokushin" Karate. Not the simple Karate like Shuri-te or Seidokaikan. It has to be bad@$$ karate KYOKUSHIN.

    Q. Why Kyokushin?

    Ans. It beats Muay Thai and Brings Kickboxing to Shame. Its full contact with bare knuckle no one fu**s with a Kyokushin Kaikan. I has everything in moderation than only striking also. Grappling, Knife hand, breaking, lock, throws takedows.

    2. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

    Q. Why BJJ?

    Ans. It needs no definition that's why it's in MMA. And when the TKD (Terrible Korean Dance) the dancer will be dancing the BJJ guy would bring him to ground and show him who is master and who is the dish washer.

    3. Judo.

    Q. Why Judo?

    Ans. Quiet like BJJ but no full less emphasis on ground but more in take downs and throws.

    I have to remember the rest..

    I will answer this later.

    .. .. .. ..

    Good Luck!

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    I'm going to say either Judo or one of the many styles of Long Fist Kung Fu. Judo because not only is it difficult to learn the throws, but the whole principle of Kuzushi is insanely hard to get good at by it's very nature and on top of all of that there's still a ton to learn in Ne Waza especially in Kosen. As for Kung Fu, the art requires so much physical endurance it's insane. Unless your body is perfect for doing Kung Fu, you're not a master, and the crap that many Kung Fu practitioners go through to master their arts is ridiculous.

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