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Is YOLO an excuse to do stupid and reckless things?

Whenever I do something dangerous or socially unacceptable I say YOLO afterwards. Does that make it ok. I'm just looking for others opinions here. I know that there is no excuse for reckless behavior but YOLO makes a valid point.

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    yolo does make a valid point but theres no need to physically say it. and as long as you dont injure yourself or someone else then yeah i guess YOLO!

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    YOLO means just the opposite. If we only live once, we had better make it as good a life as we can, and not throw it away recklessly. If you continue to do dangerous and socially unacceptable things, you will either drastically shorten the only life you have, or live out your days rejected and alone as a societal outcast There is no excuse for that.

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    a similar rationalization why people use Youtube to sojourn approximately stupid issues (and then ask your self why they're being burdened). Idiots will locate any outlet to hire their stupidity. It grow to be a stupid word basically heavily sputtered via the party/device/frat/sorority bunch, in any case. you could not anticipate something from such people. As an aside, the attempt rankings of 2012's graduating class are curiously the backside in 30 years. that would desire to supply you a splash perception as to why this phenomenon got here to be.

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    I'm sorry could you repeat the question I couldn't hear you over the sound of me getting a full-face tattoo while skydiving without a parachute over the Chilean desert.

    Source(s): This guy named Rick who hangs out on my street corner and likes to rollerblade shirtless if the weather's nice.
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    You are an idiot. This is not an opinion, its a fact. Listen to yourself. How old are you like 12

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    Yes, and mundane things.

    Source(s): Me, as I get called Drake on a daily basis.
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    "You only live once" is simply moronic, no matter when you say it. It's like saying, "If you don't enjoy living, why not die sooner?"

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    it makes you look stupid honestly

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