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How to gain bulk and muscle as a slim teenager?

Alright, so I'm 15 years old (almost 16) and about 6 feet tall and 135 pounds. I play rugby in the spring, I just finished the season last month, and I don't exactly look too intimidating on the field because I'm really skinny. I'm definitely not weak by any means, but my arms are just so skinny at this point that it doesn't look like I have any muscle unless I flex, which basically makes me a show off.

I've tried gaining weight in the past - I eat A LOT of food and drink plenty of water every day. The reason I have trouble gaining weight is because I have an extremely high/fast metabolism. Now that I think about it, I could always eat more meat. I'll start with that. Please let me know something I can do with my diet to gain more bulk. (as in muscle, not just fat)

I also want to know some exercises I can do by myself with dumbbells in my room. If anyone can give me a good daily (or something manageable) routine I can do I would greatly appreciate it!

Before anyone asks, I know with me being young working out isn't always a good thing, but I just want to gain bulk because I'm tired of being the skinny kid in school and not looking intimidating on the field. I also want to help boost my confidence a little bit and look better for my girlfriend, etc.

Thanks for the answers in advance!

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    Dude I totally know where your coming from...I'm 16 and 135 as well. I'm skinny but ever since I started working out my chest is bigger and I have a six pack. What you need to do is eat a Lott of food. BUT only if your working out. Go to the gym and Workout 4 times a week. Lift the as much as you can for about 3-4 sets of 5-8. Lifting heavier until failure is what helps you bulk. But remember eating a lot of good food like chicken, eggs, fish, pasta, fruit and veggies. Oh and workout one day abd rest the next. Resting is very important. And dont work the same muscle everyday. Don't bother bulking if you don't eat a lot. Good luck dude

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    You don't. Jk. But I only like Canadians so I won't answer your question. Jk. Well its true but I'll answer your question anyways. If you really think you can't gain any weight you should try eating 6000 calories a day buddy, you know, for your "Extremly high metabolism" I doubt you'll be so skinny after that. Haha. Fat people... Funny. I like fat people falling. You should type it into YouTube, it's hilarious. Anyways, I'm off topic, start off by reading labels on food, get 100-150 grams of protein daily, and atleast 2500-3000 calories every day. (lots of chicken, yum! I'm eating some right now haha) well, just so you know, when you bulk up you'll not only Gain muscle but fat as well (can't really be avoided) so maybe you should wait till after summer cause you know sun's out guns out, beachseason and abs and everything haha. If you don't live by a beach like me (Canada bitches oh ya) then I suppose you can start now. I'm too lazy to write everything you could do right now so just google "bodybuilding forum", go on the teenager section and look around a bit, or ask this question there, the people there have way more experience and don't give crappy answers just to get points. You're welcome buddy

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    No, muscle and fats aren't the equal factor. If you wish to acquire muscle, devour by and large and devour proper (top protein, medium carbs and occasional fats). Do aerobic approximately three time per week and raise weights three instances per week. Your exercise - stil to the fundamentals: bench press army presses squats useless lifts All physical activities will have to be three units of 6 - eight reps. Best of success!

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