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Anyone own their own cleaning business? Complaints?

I recently started my own cleaning business. I've cleaned for years working for other people. Most of my clients praise me and think I do a great job and others complain about the stupidest, littliest things. I know this comes with the territory, does this happen to you also? I think I'm being too sensitive, but I really put my all into cleaning for everyone and I can't understand some of the complaints. Thanks :)

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    Speaking from personal experience,starting a cleaning business is not an easy task. It often requires hours of perseverance, deep dedication, and an ability to shrug off disappointments and soldier forward. Offers made by businesses or individuals claiming to be able to rocket your company into stardom are rarely effective and often a waste of time. If you are really serious about starting a cleaning business, there a few tactics and techniques that will help plow the road to your future success.However, remember that starting your own business is a time consuming, all encompassing event that will dominate your life in both the near and distant future. Be sure that you are ready to take on the challenge and you will be richly rewarded for your dedication and sacrifices.

    Starting a Cleaning Business as a Little Fish in a Big Pond

    Oftentimes, if you have an idea for a business, someone else in your area has had a similar thought and may already have initiated their project. This holds true when starting a cleaning business since these types of companies provide necessary services to keep the main businesses (i.e. banks, department stores, retail shops, etc.) afloat.It is important to realize that you will not snag a big client without related cleaning experience, professional references, and testimonials of satisfied customers.

    The easiest way to get all three of these required elements is to start small and work your way up the ladder. Advertise in your neighborhood, at local markets, within social circles anywhere you are familiar with the people, but detached enough to keep a professional distance. It would be ill-advised to begin with friends and relatives unless you had no other choice. Once you’ve established yourself within a small circle of loyal clients, start expanding your horizons by marketing to their connections.

    Give the Customers Exactly what they Want

    Have you ever been called your mechanic and given a whole string of excuses about why he couldn’t get to your car that day? Perhaps a similar conversation from a repairman detailing exactly what was clogging your kitchen drain and how he removed the conglomeration? No one wants to have these types of conversations, and this is especially true of cleaning clients. When starting a cleaning business, keep in mind that people don’t want to know how, why, or when you provide them services, they just want it done; “out of sight, out of mind” is the best way to describe the way most people think of their environmental specialists.

    It helps to think of yourself as a cleaning fairy; you come in while your clients are away, make right what is wrong, and then disappear without a trace. This is exactly what most customers want – they like to see the evidence that you were there and properly cleaned the area, but don’t need the specifics or signs of indolence.

    How to Handle Growth & Expansion

    Once you have established a solid foundation based on customer satisfaction and superb services, you can then think of expanding. Unlike when you first were starting a cleaning business, now is the time to go after the big boys. Whether you establish a team or are the sole provider, you now have the know-how and business references to support a move into the big leagues.

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    My sister and I have our possess seasonal cleansing industry at our lake condo in the summertime. We do paintings adding opting for sticks up and washing home windows, to day-to-day/weekly condo cleansing. We have approximately 7 or eight regular consumers(weekly) etc who want us much less frequently(per thirty days). We cost approximately $10 an hour every. Seeing as we're simplest 14 and thirteen, I feel that you'll be able to cost better, like 15-20 bucks an hour. It possibly a well thought to begin curb despite the fact that; many individuals might instead pay much less to start with, to look how wholly and tough you're employed. After developing well connections, you'll be able to elevate the fee. *Advice*- (I do not imply to sound impolite and you do not must concentrate to me)... If you've got on no account had a cleansing industry earlier than- make certain you do not take without end to scrub the condo- individuals wish any individual who cleans quicker adverse to any individual who makes the condo immaculate and excellent

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