Writers! Help for my English class...?

For English I need to know some writers, so please could you help me list some writers (I don't mind if they are famous or not). By the way, don't pick Shakespeare! Thanks! :) I think they are quite old now (or maybe even dead) because we have to look at the picture and guess the writer. So, if you give me some writers names, it should help.

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    Hello Emma,

    Well, I can't begin to imagine whose pictures you have on your list, but there is almost an endless number of writers around - and if you're going for non-famous ones, I'm not really sure how you'll be able to tell whether that's the name that belongs to the picture. Anyway, just ten off the top of my head:

    Charles Dickens

    Edgar Allen Poe

    Gertrude Stein

    Virginia Woolf


    George Elliot

    Charlotte Bronte

    Emily Bronte

    Jane Austen

    James Joyce

    Harper Lee

    Or maybe that's eleven.

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