Spanish double object pronouns?

I am stuck on one question of this homework. We are supposed to answer the questions using double object pronouns.

For example:

¿Quién te compró esos zapatos? (mi tío)

Mi tío me los compró.

The one I am stuck on:

¿Quién te llevó los entremeses? (mis amigas)

My answer which is WRONG was: Mis amigas me los llevé.


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    thats because you wrote something like my friends i did, or my friends i has

    you have to write mis amigas me los llevaron plural

    my friends to me the object is in plural so is los (entremeseS) friends plural

    llevé means i did

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  • The verb tense was wrong in person. "Mis amigas", which means "my friends", means that there is more than one person, so therefore, you need to do the 3rd person plural of "llevar." By the accent on "lleve", you are trying to make a preterite tense of llevar, and the correct form needs to be "llevaron."

    Therefore, it should be "Mis amigas me los llevaron."

    The whole answer means "My friends filled me to them."

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  • 4 years ago

    ¿Quién te compró esos zapatos para ti? Mi tio me los compró para mi. the different sentence has 2 pronouns already--quiénes and les. is this what you wanted? Que Dios le bendiga a usted.

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