A question about this ayah (verse)?

I have a question about this verse in Surah 24. An-Nur, Ayah 26:

"Vile women are for vile men, and vile men for vile women. Good women are for good men, and good men for good women; such are innocent of that which people say: For them is pardon and a bountiful provision."

Regarding this ayah, so it means that if you are a good muslim man, you will get a good muslim woman, and vice versa.

Is this the case with everyone, or are there exceptions? Like let's say a good muslim woman is married to bad muslim man, or vice verse, does that mean the "good" muslim in the marriage is not actually good? Or something else?

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    that is to say, what suits something vile is its like, and what suits something good is its like — such, good men and women, the like of ‘Ā’isha and Safwān, are absolved of what they say, [what] the corrupt men and women [say] about them. For them, for good men and women, will be forgiveness and a glorious provision, in Paradise. ‘Ā’isha felt honoured by some of the things [mentioned] in this [verse], namely, that she was created ‘a good woman’ and was promised ‘forgiveness and a glorious provision’.


  • 8 years ago

    This Ayah is for guidance to Muslims to marry pious women with pious men only, so it is fair to both and that they will raise decent children. A corrupt and adulterer man is married with a pious woman, he will ruin her life and she will be unhappy all her life. It will be very unfair to woman if her husband sleeps with other women and prostitutes and doesn't care if his wife knows. That would be a very painful for his pious wife but he will never realize being a bad person.

    Many times a proposal comes but no one knows the person's moral character.

    Islam has taught us that we can ask God through a process called Salat-ul- Istikharah. In it a man or a woman can ask advice of God All Mighty after praying 2 units of Salah and then make a supplication to God asking if the woman he is thinking to marry will be good wife for him. God knows present, past and future of every individual and also knows how good or bad is the woman and whether she will be a good wife for him. A woman can ask about the man who has proposed her for marriage.

    This is how majority of Muslims can find the right spouse to have a happy life. If some one doesn't ask the advice of God and marry a bad person, he or she does suffer.

    If God approves then He makes feelings of Asker very strong and happy. That is indication that he/she should marry the person he/she is asking.

    If God disapproves then He makes the man or woman forget him for a while. That is indication that marriage will be unhappy with that person. If the person one asks about to God is very immoral and bad person, but no one knows about him, but God knows all about him/her but disapproves for marriage of the Asker. This was the Asker is saved from ruining his/her life by not marrying with this person.

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    8 years ago

    This verse is a guiding principle. Good girls should be married to good boys

    and bad ones to bad boys. Another considerations such as money, family

    and connections may spoil the marriage.

    M J Iqbal

  • 8 years ago

    Bismillahi Walhamdullillah Wasalaathu Wasalaamu Ala Rasoollillah,

    Vile women are for vile men…Women who have corrupted hearts are for men with corrupted hearts, and men who have corrupted hearts are for women with corrupted hearts.His words:

    -Tafsir ul Tustari.

    He also revealed about them: (Vile women) those who are vile in their speech and deeds (are for vile men) they deserve vile men, (and vile men for vile women) they deserve one another. (Good women) good women in their speech and deeds (are for good men) they deserve them, (and good men for good women) they deserve one another; it is also said that this means: good women, i.e. 'A'ishah, are for good men, i.e. the Prophet (pbuh); (such) 'A'ishah and Safwan (are innocent of that which people say) they are innocent of people's slander: (For them is pardon) their sins are pardoned in the life of this world (and a bountiful provision) in Paradise. He says: when any man or woman are praised, and they deserve such a praise, then whatever they are praised with is true. And when a vile man or woman are mentioned with ill, and they deserve such an ill mention, then they deserve being mentioned in an ill manner.

    -Tafsir Ibn Abbas

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  • Ella
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    8 years ago


    The good woman should marry a good man because that will save them from bad actions. If a good woman marries a bad man, I think its up to her but why would she??

    Too bad for her!

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    It means that good belongs with good and bad with bad thats why make the right decision and be careful. Its not that this will happen. Its showing what is natural.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Believers are to marry other believers. Atheists are to marry atheists. The righteous are to marry the righteous. Criminals are to marry criminals.

    If you are married to a criminal and would like to not be a criminal, then get a divorce.

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