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Inform me please mothers or soon to be moms:).?

I'm 34 weeks pregnant this is my first baby and I've been reading these comments and questions and I'm wondering what does effaced mean???. I feel stupid askin because I'm so far along but u have no idea what it means, can anybody inform me please:) thankks

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    Its when your cervix thins out. after it gets very thin it will start to dilate.

    You can be effaced before labor or it can happen during.

    Ive been effaced for 3 weeks and finally im 100 % effaced and 1 centimeter will probably start to efface soon considering how far along you are, but i didn't start effacing until 36 weeks.

    here is a pretty good article explaining the process of effacing, and dilating.

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    Effacing means "thinning". The cervix is normally quite thick and firm. When the baby's head starts to press on it, the cervix becomes thinner and thinner until it opens up and slides over the baby's head, allowing baby to be born. When the doc says the cervix is , say, 50% effaced, it means the cervix is half-way thinned out. 75% effaced is three-quarters thinned out, and 100% effaced means that it is so thin, it hs almost disappeared.

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    It's when your cervix starts opening when you're in labour. Eg...2,4,6 cm effaced. 10cm is 100% effaced. :0)

    Source(s): 36 weeks with baby number 3.
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    Hi Sweetie, I am a "bizarre" mother of 3 boys ( a long time 10yrs, 7yrs and 14 months). I can particularly relate to that bizarre mother stuff. I too think "smooth" whilst my boys exhibit indicators of adulthood (just like the whilst my 10 yr historical new bf appears to be a special neighbor woman.!!) But I can sympathize with you. It need to appear smothering from time to time and weird. Being an simplest youngster obviously does not aid. Your mother goes via plenty of individual stuff as she sees her simplest youngster relocating away emotionally and getting capable to be to your possess. There is a lonely empty feeling that tons of mother and father get whilst the "youngsters are grown" such a lot folks name this "empty nest" syndrome. It feels like your mother is suffering from the suggestion of you being her youngster and looking to adapt to the following segment of now not simplest your lifestyles, however hers as good. You surely love your mother ample to desire aid with this difficulty... well for you :) Here is my recommendation... to begin with see is you'll manipulate the "mush element". So she needs you to percentage your lifestyles, check out sharing simplest the bits so that they can now not purpose an excessive amount of mush... speak approximately garments, institution, your favourite color and so forth, Little stuff and store the juicy bits (boyfriends and so forth) on your peers or diary. When she does get smooth, permit her understand that you simply love her, however that you wish to have your house as a maturing younger grownup. In the morning say matters like, "mother, I am simply now not a morning character, are we able to speak later". You can maintain a bit distance and a bit closeness whilst. Please maintain in brain that your mother is only a individual doing her fine together with her emotions. There is also a time sooner or later whilst you'll importance the closeness that she craves now, so be sufferer together with her and ask her to be sufferer with you. I particularly desire matters determine for you, sweetie. Can you submit whatever later and permit me understand what occurs? My center is with you. Love and success--MissDelanne

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