Treating my almost-healed dog bite?

I was bitten by my neighbor's dog four weeks ago. All precautions were taken...cleansing, wrapped in clean towel, ER, stitches (but not fully closed), antibiotics... Now, four weeks later, my wound is closed and almost healed. I have very dry scabs on the larger parts of the bite. There is no infection, and I continue to keep it clean with antiseptic wash, but it itches terribly! Is there any type of cream or lotion I can safely put on to help? I was told by the ER doctor not to put on Neosporin, but that was only when the wounds were open as it could have damaged the stitches and harbor infection. I suppose I could use it now, but other recommendations are welcome :) Thank you!

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  • 9 years ago
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    Itching is a sign of healing as the nerves are getting together and active again.

    I would think you could put neosporin on it, but I would suggest aloe vera or vitamin E lotion to keep the scabs softened and to lessen your scar.

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    4 years ago

    enjoyed ones? Honey is a organic Antiseptic. It has a similar aspects that make peroxide. organic honey is maximum suitable, yet even the form in tiny packets will paintings. basically aply some cases on a daily basis. i've got self assurance (from adventure) that Any decrease could have suitable time to air. no greater beneficial than 2 hours nevertheless, then reapply drugs/honey in spite of you pick to apply till now recuperating. Stretching your thumb wont harm it and neither won't stretching it. nevertheless Over stretching and not stretching might reason soreness. exchange the bandage a minimum of four-6 cases an afternoon for the 1st few days. an infection can happen if not taken care of suitable. nevertheless I dont think of yours is undesirable adequate to have stitches. Ive had worse and stayed domicile with out drugs. indicators of infections are, reddened/itchy dermis around decrease (not the decrease yet each and all the floor around it) basically be conscious some antibiotic like neosporin. undesirable an infection is green oozing puss, blackened dermis, swollen for days... yet i exceedingly doubt which will happen.

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