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I had a tick bite me. Am I sick?

Today, I found an Adult Female tick on me. It was either dead and came out, or trying to get in. Not sure how long it was there. I removed it instantly. I looked at the wound, which was small. Obviously, my skin was irritated a little. It had a red ring around a black spot. I took it to an urgent care who said its fine, and gave me a 1dose prescription for something. Tonight, I saw an orb fly across my vision twice. I'm also a little dizzy. Should I be concerned? The back dot and red ring are still there.

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    9 years ago
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    You found the tick today. You have a wound from the tick. Very few wounds heal within a day. The mark may take a few days to heal and due to scarring, may remain a different coloration for a long time.

    There are two common tick-borne illnesses that can come from a tick bite and they're both treated by antibiotics. Likely what was given to you was a single, high dose antibiotic given as a way to ensure that neither Lyme Disease nor Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever would have a chance to set in.

    As to your symptoms, neither of the tick borne illnesses have an onset of less than 24 hours. Both take a while for the illness to set in. So your symptoms may be a reaction to the antibiotics as many people have problems taking single-shot, high dose pills.

    Your best bet is to relax, keep an eye on the site and maybe see your regular doctor in a few days if you don't start feeling better.

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    if the doctor said you were fine then you should be ok, i would think that black dot is part of the tick, swab with alcohol and try to remove with tweezers, the meds should be against any toxin, idk what an ORB is, the dizzy might be from the meds. You will be fine, unless you came from the dark ages, then you probably have the plague.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    don't be worry,it will get better for several days

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